Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course & Zipline Park

At TreeTop and Zipline Adventure Park the whole family will have fun more than ever before. There are more than two miles of outdoor exploration. Ziplines, aerial skateboard, and wobbly bridges Tarzan swings.

It is situated at Bolton Landing New York Exit 24 North of Lake George. Enjoy nature by a mixture of dazzling impediments and provocations including zip lines. After being fitted in your zipline, a brief training class that will enable you to move through a section of amazing and successively demanding zipline adventures will be performed.

There is friendly ground patrol staff to look after you and inspire you along the way and make sure you have a secure and rememberable event.

Adventure Parks

Tree Top Adventure New York

Fly Through The Treetops and Ziplines in Lake George At These Adventure Parks. Have you ever thought about what it is to soar across the treetops? Ziplining in the Lake George Region is fun for all age groups and gives you a wonderful outing with your family and friends.

They will recall long after they are back home. The treetop is about three hours. The first thirty minutes are for safe orientations and instructions.

Hunter mountain

This is the longest zipline in New York. It is toured by New York Zipline Canopy Tours. It is the second biggest zipline in the universe. Guests will get a family-friendly package adventure as well as tours that can reach speeds of more than 50 miles per hour.

The original treetop adventures

Adventure the fascinating Great Adirondack Forest as you pass across the treetop obstacle adventure course and zip line par. You will reach heights that you have always been contemplating. Most people have always been dreaming about it.

Built in 2007, Adirondack Extreme was the initial aerial explore course to begin in the United States.

Others have tried to copy, but none have managed to paste the adventure of walking tree-to-tree on their aerial obstacles within the trees of the beautiful Adirondack Forest. The adventure also is inclusive of a low rider zipline tour.

All of their ziplines have an age limit need. You can speak with the Tree-Top experts through a call. Reservations are recommended as opposed to walking in to allow them to arrange and give you an ever-remembering experience.

The Eagle Flyer zip line

The Eagle Flyer Zipline New York

In Lake George, the Eagle Flyer zip line is the most exciting exploration. It provides a one-of-a-kind event from the summit of French Mountain. Soar above the treetops as high as 125 feet off the ground to see breathtaking views of Lake George and the fascinating Adirondack Mountains on the exciting Eagle Flyer Zip Line.

Just sit back and relax and speed down close to a 1000-foot vertical drop at 50 miles an hour.
The Eagle Flyer operates seven days a week if the weather permits from 10 am to 530 pm. You will enjoy it during the fall foliage season.

Sliding down the zipline is a much more secure experience than you can ever comprehend. It’s not like the experience of going sliding on a very steep roller-coaster with your stomach full of knots and panics.

The movement is very even and you surely feel like you’re a bird flying through the air. There are a few jolting at the finish when you come to a stop, but it’s achievable and nothing to worry about.

The ziplines are lovely that you will end up doing it twice or more. This is the way to go because you’re much more relaxed the second time around or even the third time. The views of Lake George and the nature all around are spectacular and welcoming.

More people describe the whole experience as breathtaking, relaxing, and deeply poetic, which is a weird thing to say when you’re 125 feet up traveling at up to 50mph. Yes, it’s a serene feeling to fly over the treetops, and the experience is highly recommended for anyone who embraces living and nature. It is always a fun time like no other.

So, stop having panic mode, get off from your boring time, and just zip it. You won’t regret it. Enjoy the three-quarters of a mile journey. This of course finishes with a smooth landing. You will always remember this experience and long for more.

The Eagle Flyer satisfies your needs. A 1000-foot trickle from the peak of a mountain. The views of Lake George during the drop are always fantastic and it feels like you are flying. The staffs operating the attraction are always very helpful and safety conscious.

The $50 cost is reasonable for a zip line (for an additional $25 you can go twice). Highly recommended for exploration enthusiasts. It is always good to carry with you a good camera to keep your memory on soft. Look for someone to take you photos as you zipline.


Mountain Ridge Adventure

It is situated at 3oo Weatherwax Rd. Schenectady New York 12302. It is the Capital Region’s leading treetop adventure course and Zip Line Park. It is situated at the top of a 1000 mountain at only 30 minutes from Albany.

Mountain Ridge Adventure New York

Adventure the experience. Mountain Ridge Adventure provides a distinct and exciting new adventure for New York’s Capital Region. Take exception for yourself both physically and mentally as you pass over snags such as Indiana Jones-style bridges, Tarzan swings, Swiss cheese walls, and many more of your choice.

For those not up to the snag course, a non-physically demanding 10 zipline – zip line course can still offer the excitement of experience as they zip line forward and backward over a 500′ long gorge.

Mountain Ridge Adventure is also a great venue for young people’s birthday parties and companies team building. Come adventure the experience at Mountain Ridge Adventure.

The staff are exceptionally friendly, courteous, observant, and proficient from the front desk to the fitting of gear, to the training, and then monitoring the zip lines is on another level. You can never go wrong with this adventure at all.