Ziplining Catskills

Looking for Adventure Tours at Hunter Mountain

Situated in the fore thrills high above Upstate New York? Try one of the state’s many zip-lining courses to soar above the beautiful forests and mountains that cover the state.

If clocking some miles satisfies your want for exploration, the Catskill provides different ways to log a few by air or foot for your adventure.

Zipline Adventure New York

New York Zipline close to Hunter Mountain’s Base Lodge, the New York Zipline Adventure Tour at Hunter Mountain is the highest, fastest, and longest zipline canopy tour in North America.

It is also the number two in size zipline in the universe. Its address is 7740 Main St Hunter, NY 12442. The hours of operation are daily at 9 a.m., but you can opt for a reservation. The cost ranges between eighty-nine dollars to one hundred and twenty-nine dollars

The tour characterizes six ziplines, four rope bridges, nine aerial tree platforms, and one exciting rappel fabricated to test and excite the visitors and can select from three family-friendly alternatives for fun for each season.

Night zipping is more than an adventure, therefore if you would like to have it all, try during the night where the fun does not sleep.

The guests will be welcomed by a family-friendly adventure such as tours that can reach speeds of more than 50 miles within one hour.

You will create a memorable memory with your kin at New York Zipline Canopy Tours. This Catskill zipline provides a handful of tour options only a twenty-minute drive from the Upstate New York resort. Whether you are a first flyer or you are looking for a small something more to add to your Hunter Mountain adventure. This is the place to be.

The Mid Mountain Tour offers a family-friendly experience, that characterizes six ziplines, four suspension bridges, and an exciting 65-foot rappel to close off your journey on a high note.

It is perfect for families’ friendly tours that sweep you off your feet and into the tree canopy with different things to do. It is good if it is your first time as well as thrill-seekers which is an amazing way to see the spectacular backdrop of the Catskill Mountains.

It features six ziplines four suspension bridges, nine tree platforms, and the longest zipline that is 650’ long and 60’ above the forest floor. It has an exhilarating 65 rappel to finish your experience.

The Summit Skyrider Tour is the absolute line for each thrill seeker as it characterizes the longest, highest, and fastest zipline in North America. It characterizes a crisscrossing double line zips that pass-through peak-to-peak to another mountain and then back again.

It is a maximal experience and is certainly not for every person. It lasts for 3 hours. It features five dual racing ziplines spanning 4.6 miles, up to 3200 feet long, and 600 yards above the valley. It reaches a speed of up to 50 mph. 500’ self-powered zip line adventure or select to pass through the Burma bridge.

The Night Zip Tour provides a matching Catskills zipline episode that is well known and loved at night. Zoom over treetops by moonlight for a magically unforgettable outing.

The private Mid-Mountain Tour produces a fascinating team-building chance for you and your quartan team.

At Hunter Mountain, take the Scenic Sky Ride to New York Zipline Adventure Tours’ 5-mile zipline network. Do not worry, if you want to have an experience like no other, the scenic views from ground level, you can map out a scenic drive.

If you are an outrunner, the Catskills are home to some of the best terrain for long-distance running and top ultrarunning events like Manitou’s Revenge, winding a whopping fifty-four miles from Windham to Phoenicia.

Windham Mountain Ski Resort

Windham Mountain New York

The Windham Mountain Ski Resort is situated in New York’s Northern Catskill Mountains, Windham Mountain is a family-friendly resort and adventure park with 54 trails spread across two hundred and eighty-five skiable acres, with a 1,600-foot vertical.

Year-round zip lines at the adventure park allow riders to fly through the Windham resort, traveling 500 feet in length at 40 feet above the ground.

In winter, the Windham Mountain Adventure Park features eight lanes of snow tubing, 2 zip lines, kids’ snowmobile, and a comfy lodge along with an outdoor 120′ by 60′ skating rink.

Additional year-round facilities also include an inn, golf course, alpine spa, lift-served mountain bike park, and three restaurants. And this resort is only two and a half hours from New York City.

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Zoom down giant 300-foot Winding Water slogs

Zoom Flume Water Park New York

Nestled in the scenic northern Catskill Mountains, Zoom Flume Water Park provides secure water fun, exhilarating, and relaxation for all ages in a natural and picturesque setting.

Catch a wave in the new Riptide Cove Wave Pool, zoom down giant 300-foot winding water slides to a splashdown in the canyon or challenge yourself on the 600-foot Wild River or twisting, turning, and splashing in total darkness in the thrilling Black Vortex.

But that’s not all that is there to be enjoyed. Take a plunge in the mighty Anaconda, or race your friends down the Grand Prix Splash way.

The Zipline, at eight hundred feet long and one hundred feet high, provides riders with a thrill as they fly above the water park.

Younger children can also get in on the action on the park’s mini-waterslide, the Lagoon Activity Pool, or enjoy a gentle float down the Lazy River.

In addition to water fun, Zoom Flume also offers free parking, a food court, the Splash Zone Gift Shop, and plenty of seating areas.

The park is located just over two hours north of New York City and just one hour south of Albany.