Yellow Mills Diner


Yellow Mills Diner is situated in Palmyra, New York, at New York 2534. If you wish to talk to the company agency, you can use the phone number +1 315-597-4613 to contact them.

It is on route 31 in New York. Enjoy a true diner experience at this fascinating Yellow Mills Diner ever. The entry of the restaurant was present since Sep, 8th, 2010. Yellow Mills Diner was last renovated on November 14th, 2013.

Yellow Mills Diner Overview

Yellow Mills Diner New York

This is a restaurant that no one would want to pass up! This is the hidden gem of Palmyra. The Yellow Mills Diner was established in 1999. Yes, Yellow Mills Diner is a diner and has the diner look and feel. Even if it is not modern or updated, however, the food speaks for itself at this well thought of Yellow Mills Diner.

If you are debating your order, go with the freshly made, homemade sauce, Chicken Parmesan. Five stars! But everything you will have including Pancakes, BLT, Mississippi Benny, everything is always fresh and delicious. The lettuce and tomatoes taste like they are picked from a garden every morning due to their freshness.

And this is a family-owned restaurant and they take pride in the service. The Yellow Mills Diner does not allow for reservations. There is no sale for alcohol and there are no delivery services available at Yellow Mills Diner.

There are no outdoor seats elected, therefore, you just need to sit inside and enjoy your delicious meal. This Yellow Mills Diner is perfect for small children and kids. There is no Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, be sure to come along with your data if you wish to surf during your stay.

The food is affordable and up to the standards. Enjoy breakfast after riding along the route of Yellow Mills Diner before you carry on your day’s duties.

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Yellow Mills Diner Menu

Get to enjoy the variety of delicacies that are served in this welcoming and cool hotel. You will always have good memories of the services. The food is prepared like homemade food just for you.

Yellow Mills Diner New York

The menu includes vegetarian options, beverages, seafood, pasta, appetizers, and dinner selections. You can also get a delicious breakfast.

The haddock that includes fish and chips is delightfully flakey, fried golden, & a large portion to satisfy you. The western omelet is always perfect for your breakfast. The kid and adults alike love the omelet.

The food is exactly what you expect from the menu of a diner at Yellow Mills Diner. You can decide on an appetizer of fried mushrooms.

You can also feast on turkey and dressing with mashed potatoes and gravy. Have a fried haddock with baked potatoes. The side salads are normally served with homemade dressings. Great!

If you want a classic Swiss burger, you come here to Yellow Mills Diner. Crispy fries, fresh and hot! Burger cooked medium with sautéed onions, melty Swiss, and optionally added mushrooms on toasted rye bread.

The Yellow Mills Diner is welcoming. The food is always tasteful and spots on. At Yellow Mills Diner the food is delicious served on the table when it is hot and cooked perfectly.

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Operating Hours

The Yellow Mills Diner operates from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm every day except on Sundays where they operate from 700 am to 2 pm.

Employees of Yellow Mills Diner

The employees are very friendly, interesting, and personable. They are just lovely. The servers are nice and the service is good. The waitress is super helpful and polite.

They are extraordinarily friendly and helpful. The restaurant owner would stop by to say hello and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. The restaurant’s interior and exterior designs are clean and well maintained.

The services are always friendly, with pleasant and very attentive employees who always address the needs of the client. They are well versed in their job and are knowledgeable in the explanation of how the dishes are prepared and served. This restaurant is highly recommended by those who have had a taste of its dishes and quality services.

Yellow Mills Diner Amenities

Offers Takeaways

This hotel offers takeaway meals. If you are in a hurry heading somewhere, you do not have to sit. Just order a takeaway and it will be prepared for you sooner than later.

Private Lot Parking

While enjoying your visit, your ride is under tight security. No one can get into the way of your car, and therefore you just need to relax and have fun. Riders have also been taken care of. Park your bike after riding and have a bite in the hotel.


This restaurant is good if you are having a group meeting. You will be shown a place to hold your discussions that is noise-free or of moderate noise and calm. The arrangement of the area is done well with a conference theme. Hold your meetings here as you enjoy their delicious meals and drinks.


This restaurant has well taken care of citizens who are abled differently. It can be accessed by use of a wheelchair.

Ratings of Yellow Mills Diner

Yellow Mills Diner has 4 stars rating. This is pretty good when you are making a comparison with other restaurants of the same caliber.

Payment Methods of Yellow Mills Diner

After enjoying your delicious meals, do not get stressed about how you will make your payment. You can use American Express, Personal Checks, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.