The Back Room NYC

The Back Room NYC

If you’re into speakeasy-style cocktail bars, you’ve probably heard of The Back Room in NYC. It’s an authentic speakeasy bar, and one of just two in the city that were open during the Prohibition period. You’ll be served teacup cocktails and be part of a secret, hidden party at this speakeasy. Here’s what you need to know before heading to this speakeasy bar.


Once upon a time, Ratner’s Back Room NYC was a neighborhood landmark. Serving illegal alcohol and frequented by hitmen and gangsters, this speakeasy was hidden behind a rotating bookcase. As a result, its patrons were notorious gangsters, celebrities, and the criminal underworld. Today, it is closed and a museum dedicated to the establishment will be built in its place.

A famous speakeasy in the roaring twenties, Ratner’s was frequented by politicians and gangsters for ‘business meetings.’ It became a legendary speakeasy and is still in operation today. A fake bookcase leads to the back room, and the bartenders serve drinks in a teacup. Although the back room is not open to the public, there are a few private rooms you can visit, including a secret backroom that was once used by gangsters.

The Back Room, also known as “The Back of Ratner’s”, was one of two speakeasies in New York during the prohibition era. It served as a meeting place for movie and theater stars and even infamous gangsters. The secret entrance is the same today as it was 100 years ago. Guests can even drink tea in a teacup, which was the only difference between the old and the new.

The Back Room NYC

Fem Friday parties

The city of New York has a great scene for LGBT people and there are plenty of spots for LGBT events and LGBT bars in NYC. Fem Friday parties at the Back Room NYC are a popular option to celebrate this month’s Pride month. Fem Friday parties take place in both the indoor and outdoor spaces of the club. DJ Michael Magnan and heretic of NYC play at Fem Fridays. DJ Karlitos spins at the Afterhours parties. These parties usually last until early Saturday morning!

Authentic 1920s era speakeasy

You can drink at The Back Room NYC’s speakeasy bar, which features cocktails in teacups and beer served in paper bags. This speakeasy has been around since the early 1920s, and the ambiance of the speakeasy is reminiscent of the era. The drinks are served in authentic 1920s-style glasses, and you can try drinks that were common in the era in teacups.

Located in New York City, The Back Room is one of only two original speakeasy bars from the Prohibition era. It is a cozy bar where you can order teacup cocktails, as well as participate in secret hidden parties. The Back Room NYC has been featured in many television shows and films, including HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. The back room has a vibrant history and constant energy and has hosted celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam, Martha Stewart, Adele, U2, and many more.

Once known as the “Back of Ratner’s,” this NYC speakeasy was an iconic watering hole for famous gangsters and movie stars during Prohibition. It’s a fun experience for everyone – whether you’re looking for a date, an authentic 1920s-era speakeasy, or a night out with friends, The Back Room is sure to please!