Sodus Bay in New York


Sodus Bay New York

Sodus Bay is a bay on the south shore of Lake Ontario that is among the Great Lakes. Sodus Bay is situated in Wayne County, New York, USA. Almost all part of the bay is in the Town of Huron, but, the western part is in the Town of Sodus.

Sodus Point has 900 or so dwellers who are tucked into a village peninsula adjacent to three sides by water. Route 14 swings past Greig Street’s restaurants and shops to its end at an impasse of pleasant summer homes on the water. The town of Sodus is in the northern neighborhood of the county and is midway between Rochester and Syracuse.

Sodus Bay is home to many boaters and celebrities. The Leatherstocking Tales of James Fenimore Cooper is an attractive section of the area. The biographer got them from his adventures established as a midshipman on the bay at the beginning of the 1800s.

World-famous golf course architect Robert Trent Jones, Sr. got his start at the Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club serving from 1925 to 1929 as its first golf pro and superintendent. Actresses Audrey and Jayne Meadows spent a decade of happy childhood summers in Sodus Point with their parents.

Meaning of Sodus

This very attractive and adventurous town’s name is derived from a native word. This word for the bay that is situated on the eastern side of the town is “Assorodus”. This means silvery water.

History of Sodus Bay

In 1838, Naval Lieutenant Charles T. Platt added the following comments on Sodus Bay in his report to the Secretary of the Treasury. “The excellent qualities of this harbor are too well known by the mariner to need further comment, and it must eventually become a port of immense importance from a commercial point of view.

Nature has given to it that protection which must entitle it to the most favorable consideration of the Government.”

The government had already paid the harbor an important form of $4,500 in 1824 for a lighthouse after William Rochester presented a petition to the House of Representatives in 1822 from “sundry inhabitants” of New York “praying for the erection of a lighthouse at or near the entrance of Great Sodus.

In 1828, a project was drawn up to renovate the entrance to Sodus Bay to 470 feet through the building of a pair of piers. The piers were constructed between 1829 and 1834. In the year 1837, a stone tower, with a height of nearly thirty feet, was constructed on the west pier as “a mere guide for getting into the harbor.”

Four lamps and reflectors were used in the tower’s lantern room to produce a fixed white light. In 1854, a sixth-order lens was placed in the pier light, and four years later, a revolving fourth-order lens was installed in Sodus Bay Lighthouse.

The beacon light on the pier was dismantled by a gale in 185. In the subsequent year two range lights, including a lantern hanging from masts, were started in its place. In 1872, frame towers, whose lower half was painted black and upper half white, replaced the masts.

The outer tower was twenty-seven feet tall and exhibited a light from a sixth-order Fresnel lens that brightened the whole horizon.

The inside tower was approximately eighteen feet tall and exhibited a sixth-order light, not visible from the lake, that served as a lead to vessels leaving the harbor. An elevated walkway, 1,150 feet long, was erected on the pier in 1872 to help the keepers reach the outer light in foul weather.

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Traveling to Sodus Bay NY

While traveling to Sodus Bay NY you can board a train to Newark Airport Railroad Station. Walk through the Newark Liberty Airport Station, and board the Air Train to Terminal B. then walk to Newark airport, fly to Rochester, and then take the taxi to Sodus Bay.

Swimming in Sodus Bay

Sodus Bay New York

At Sodus Bay, the swimming area is protected that is beside the lake, as well as the other part of the parking lot at the bay. Sometimes the bad quality of the water may cause the closure of the beach to swim.

This park has two beaches right beside each other, though possibly they are run by different entities. The beaches are next to a coast guard station and a police station. One is quite little and calm, and probably best for small children.

The main beach has a large swim area and sand beach and feels like you’re on the ocean. There are waves to play in, and views of a lighthouse and docks. This is a beautiful beach, and the nearby town of Sodus Point is cute and quirky, and a fun place to explore.


Fortunately, Sodus Bay is not listed on a Harmful Algal Blooms list yet. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (the DEC) keeps a list of water bodies that have registered Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

Sodus Bay is not on that list. This gives you confidence that you are visiting a habitable ecosystem. There are volunteer groups that maintain the cleanliness of the Bay. You do not have to worry about any infection caused by the water since cleanliness is maintained on top-notch. Do not fear to get into the water together with your kid.

Pet-friendly in Sodus Bay NY

Sodus Point Beach Park is friendly to your pet. Leashed furry friends are welcome on the beach. There are some restrictions that this furry friend is not allowed to venture into the swimming sections.

The owners of the furry friends are reminded to clean up any mess left behind. Sodus Point Beach Park is friendly to your pet fully, as long as all the laid down rules are followed.

Top Attractions for Exploring in Sodus Bay NY

Some of the top welcoming places in Sodus Bay NY are the Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum, Sodus Point Beach Park, Krenzer Marina, Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club, and Sodus Point Fudge & Gifts. Enjoy your visit like never before.