Seaway Trail New York and All That Jazz

The Seaway Trail is a scenic byway located in Upstate New York. The byway follows the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, offering stunning views of both natural and man-made wonders.

Along the way, you can enjoy outdoor recreation, learn about the region’s history and culture, and taste the local cuisine.

The trail contains a progression of specified roads and highways that passes along the Saint Lawrence Seaway, precisely, Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario, and the Saint Lawrence River.

It starts at the Ohio state line in rural Erie County, Pennsylvania, and passes through many cities and villages like the cities of Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Oswego, and Ogdensburg.

It then ends at the Seaway International Bridge northeast of the Village of Massena in St. Lawrence County, New York. It is preserved by the non-profit Seaway Trail Inc.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a relaxing getaway, the Seaway Trail is sure to please.

Things to Do at Seaway Trail

Seaway Trail New York Highway Sign

The seaway has a natural scenic view, fascinating harbors, city skylines, and attractive villages. You will enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetable stands or ample apple pie and the sweetest corn in the city farmers’ markets, county fairs, and u-pick farms.

There are festivals in Chautauqua’s vineyards to Niagara Falls that ponder each season. Other than the flavor of the rural community, tourists will find high philosophy in the cities along the byway too.

The cities of Rochester and Buffalo provide a myriad of museums and a slew of historic sites.

The Seaway trail also has some of the best year-round sportfishing in the universe. Fishermen trying to catch the biggest may just get it along the Seaway Trail.

Enjoy some of the best water recreations at the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. There is also a historic lighthouse that lines the trail, that creates stops for more exploration.

There are also picnic sites in the park for picnic lovers that line the byway.

Enjoy some of the welcoming bird-watching chances on some of the most famous lakes and rivers, in America.

The trail provides a natural scene of New England. Some of the most common bird species from the waders to warblers flock to the Seaway Trail to enjoy the tolerable climate with many freshwater sources.

There is a hiking trail on the byway that will lead you to the tick of bird country where you can see them with your naked eyes or by use of a binocular. From spring to winter, bird-watching is an adventure that can be enjoyed on the Seaway Trail across the year.


During winter guests may view a glimpse of a snowy owl, and in the spring, birds of prey visit the trail on the Lake Erie shoreline.

View beavers, ducks, and porcupines along the St. Lawrence River. There is a Chimney bluff that is a famous geological feature.

The Seaway Trail is a byway fully in country charm with a scenic appearance of the city. In every corner of the city, guests are assured of experiencing and finding museums, heritage sites, parks, and cemeteries.

This is the perfect way to view and explore the best of New York.

Be sure to come with a good capture camera to capture each moment of your exploration.

You will have much enjoyment as you take your time to relax and experience the great scenery of the Seaway Trail and tour the scenes that amaze you on this National Scenic Byway.

As a driver and a passage enjoy a view that depicts the waters of Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario, and St. Lawrence.

Some campgrounds offer scenery and relaxing places for their guests.

Frederic Remington Art Museum

It is located northeast of the Seaway Trail in the town of Ogdensburg. It is an artwork of the life and work of the famed bronze sculptor of western art.

Most of the museum’s arts were a donation by Remington’s widow after her death in 1918.

They include paintings and bronzes, sketchbooks, notes, photos, and cigars that were in his pocket before his death. He was a great artist.

Discovery Center

For a memorable look at the Seaway Trail, a visit to the Seaway Trail Discovery Center Harbor is the best idea ever.

It is situated in the Old Union Hotel in the old downtown along the waterfront.

It has nine showrooms that characterize a lighthouse video show, animatronic and interactive shows, and enough data on the heritage of the Seaway Trail.

Thirty Point, Selkirk, and Tibbetts Point Lighthouses

Seaway Trail has several historic lighthouses along the waters of the Great Lakes.

Some of these lighthouses are accessible to the public.

Lighthouses do not provide bed services, but the Seaway Trail has three lighthouses to offer bed services.

Seaway Trail Lighthouse New York

These are the Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse at Golden Hill State Park, Selkirk Lighthouse at the entrance of the Salmon River on Lake Ontario, Port Ontario, and Tibbetts Point Lighthouse Hostel at the entrance of the confluence of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, Cape Vincent.

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Cultural Qualities of Seaway Trail

The cities and towns along Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River add flavor to the Seaway Trail too. You can spend a night or two at one of the best cozy bed-and-breakfast, or explore a historic site from the War of 1812.

It does not matter what you engage yourself with, but you will be associated with the culture of the Seaway Trail.

It is a culture that is sunk in history and at the cutting edge of change.

The heritage of the Iroquois and the Mohawk leave an interesting benefaction that mirrors an America of the ages.

This philosophy can be gotten on the Seaway Trail in regions such as the Seneca Iroquois National Museum in Salamanca or the Akwesasne Cultural Center in Hogansburg.

Businesses all along the trail show the art of the past in stunning beadwork, cornhusk dolls, and silversmithing.

Seaway Trail New York Jewelry

These cultures can also be witnessed in the seasonal festivals and powwows.

Seaway Trail is a byway where tourists appreciate the divergence that the country offers.

From festivals to fine dining, the Seaway Trail will provide a style that attracts you.

Wrapping Up…

The Seaway Trail is a great way to view and explore the best of New York.

With its scenic byways, historic lighthouses, and cultural attractions, the Seaway Trail is a great place to relax and experience the beauty of the state.

So be sure to come prepared with a good camera and enjoy your time on this National Scenic Byway.