Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park


Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park is located in the Watkins Glen in Schuyler County, New York. It is about a mile west of the Parks main entrance.

Follow the famous 1.5-mile Gorge Trail through the 400-foot-deep gorge till you reach the popular Rainbow Falls and next to the Triple Cascade. It is an approximately 90-minute drive from Rochester inside Watkins Glen State Park.

The Rainbow Falls is among the two waterfalls on the train that guests can trek beneath and experience the wonders of this very fascinating scenery. This is something that is not very usual in upstate.

Rainbow Fall is recognizable by any visitor by the common gaggle of hikers lingering in the fall all angling for a selfie or a family picture for their memories or to show their friends or family members.

The Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park is situated about a mile west of the park’s common entrance. Even if the tip has been reached at Rainbow Falls, Watkins Glen still contains a few more welcoming sceneries up its sleeve. Follow through the trail along a narrow spiral gorge as you pass more pothole pools, waterfalls, and steps in this great park.

The Watkins Glen State Park characterizes 19 waterfalls that range from a foot to 60 feet tall along the Gorge Trail. It has 832 stone steps from end to end. The 778-acre state park has 7.5 miles of scenic hiking trails, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, cabins for rent, and camping facilities for trailers or tents.


Rainbow falls provide a new meaning to a unique world of imagery. There is a lot to see about this single scene of Rainbow falls.

This ranges from waterfalls to pothole pools, and wispy water falling from above. The fascinating stone staircase and a bridge are in the background with glowing colors and dark shadows that contrasts.

This Name Rainbow Falls Origination and Its Meaning

Rainbow Falls Watkins New York

Rainbow falls got its name from the fact that during the late afternoon when it is sunny and the sun rays are penetrating the canyon, rainbows appear due to the reflection of lights that refracts from the water droplets.

The Rainbow Falls is a stunning, beautiful, welcoming, piercing, and delicate emotional punch that is all in one. It is too much information to digest at once and it needs a perfect 5-10 seconds to comprehend whatever you are seeing. It is the cherry behind the extremely tasty ice cream sundae, therefore, take time to spend here and learn a lot of nature creations.

After being blown away by rainbow falls, proceed underneath the wafer-thin but wide waterfall, covering all camera equipment.

There are attractive manmade designs and execution walkways, staircases, and bridges. They look like they came to be due to erosions but not by man. This place will blow you away, as you might be able to tell.

Swimming in Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park

There are Olympic-sized swimming pools that visitors can enjoy swimming in if they so wish. The 778-acre state park has 7.5 miles of scenic hiking trails too. There are cabins for rent and camping areas for trailers or tents.

Things to Do in Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park

Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park New York

Enjoy the wonderful adventures at this Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park that has a 50-foot plunge that has been eroded by the narrow part of the gorge and deep pools in Glen Creek.

Enjoy yourself with this great adventure and feel the flowing water. Its water may splash back. They are stunning nook leads to a spiral stone stairway carved into the Cliffside as the path progresses to the north. If you manage to go to the top, you will view other fascinating falls that are present too.

There is no entrance fee for the park. If you are driving yourself and you want to park in, there is a fee of US$8 which will apply in one of their designated parking areas.

Walking at Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park

It is enjoyable when walking across the Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park. You will feel the cool breeze all along as you walk. If you just want to trek and hike through Watkins Glen, it will take you about an hour. This will depend on the speed at which you are walking.

But for someone to experience this great and fascinating feature of the park, take your time, and walking can take about two to three hours. Going there in a hurry to reach the other end will not be as adventurous as taking your sweet time to explore the entire park.

Viewing of the Waterfalls in Watkins Glen Park

Rainbow Waterfalls New York

If you want to have a great view of the waterfalls, then from the village of Watkins, head south on State Route 14 toward the village of Montour Falls, and take a right on South Genesee Street.

You will come to a stop sign and the fall is just ahead of you on the right side. There is a small parking place with a room for two cars, but you can get more parking on Main Street.

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Operations of Rainbow Falls Watkins Glen State Park

The Rainbow Falls is accessible when the monument is open. The monument operates seasonally, typically from mid-June through Mid-October, during operating seasons it is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ranger station is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on daily basis.

Hiking at Rainbow Falls

Nineteen waterfalls plunge along a spellbinding natural gorge. Hiking at the Glen Creek gorge trail to Rainbow Falls inside the Glen State Parks is much fun. It is an extraordinary crown jewel of New York’s Finger Lakes region.

Rainbow Falls is a super glamorous natural terrain and unquestionably the park gasp-for-air, weak at the knee’s knockout characteristics. Rainbow Waterfalls in New York are the best waterfalls as there is a lot to explore in them. You will be blown away by this fantastic site and the natural wonders like never before.