Old McDonald’s Farm NY


Old McDonald’s Farm is situated in Sackets Harbor, New York in the United States. It is part of the Other Crop Farming Industry. The Old McDonald’s Farm has employed four workers across all its locations and brings about $306,236 in sales in United States Dollars.

It has been a welcoming place for families and school children since the year nineteen eighty-six. It combines fun with reality in education. It has more than one thousand cows and camels to reindeer. You can take the themed hayride, pony rides, mini-golf, gift shop, and cafes.

You can also enjoy an ice cream. Adventure the new dairy farm. You can spend your day at the Sackets Harbor. If you are a lover of animals, you will be pleased with Old McDonald’s Farm. It is normally open from May until Halloween.


Old McDonald’s Farm New York

Admission to Old McDonalds Farm includes a visit that has an experience of more than 200 farm animals. There is also a Wizard of Oz-themed hayride, bounce houses, and miniature golf along with a corn maze and pumpkin patch in the fall.

Also offered are 30-minute tours of the 1000 cow modern dairy farm and pony rides for kids. The beautiful farm offers a good experience for kids and walks among, together with fun attractions and rides.

There are six thousand acres to adventure. They introduce kids to agriculture and offers them fun hands-on experience. The fun ranges from hand feeding the HUGE beef cows, to walking among the very beautiful goats.

The admission fee of $12.50 covers the entrance fee to the grounds for as long as you would love to explore. It also incorporates activities like corn and hay mazes, the hayride to the pumpkin patch, the critter Barn, and the giant slides.

Some activities require the addition of the charges such as the Gem Mine which involves keeping the gems that you get, the pumpkin Slingshot, the Cow Coaster, and on-site food and drinks. Pumpkins are also sold to travelers at a pocket-friendly price.

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Handicap accessibility

The Farm is handicap accessible. The parking lot is on flat ground with all the adventuress and the indoor bathrooms which can be accessed by a wheelchair.

Most of the area is covered by grass or gravel-friendly slopes in some parts. There is a fabricated handicap accessible hayride for patrons who require help to and from the pumpkin patch.


Old McDonald’s Farm Cafe

The farm has amenities such as a full café and ice cream stand, a gift and souvenir shop, and fresh seasonal produce. At the side of Sheepville, you can pet their very friendly and soft sheep. It is a lot of fun. It’s also a good place for those little ones to enjoy their first pony ride.

There are Reindeers in Reindeer Ranch, with very strange-looking Emus, and Robbins Rocking Ranch which is home to miniature horses, donkeys, and regular horses.

The farm is more than a farm. The Old McDonald also has a Bunny Trail with Peter Rabbit, a dairy tour, TWO inflatable adventure playgrounds for those active little ones, and even The Wizard Of Oz hayrides where you can visit your favorite characters along the way.

Golfing at the Farm

There is a mini-golf for mini people where those kids who are interested can try and get that hole in one. They will have a lot of fun that will be memorable for them.

Old McDonald’s Farm headquarters

Old McDonald’s Farm’s headquarters is situated at 14471 County Route 145 Sackets Harbor, NY, 13685-3121 United States. The Farm’s key principle is Nancy Robins. The Old McDonald’s Farm has a modern family farm.

All the visitors enjoy the dairy tour so much, up until they forget they are learning. The farm has been attracting visitors to experience their modern family farm.

Size of the Old McDonald’s Farm

All the assets of the farm and their programs occupy a 68-acre farm as well as the more than thirty farm animals that instill in young ones a sense of belonging, compassion, and consequences. The farm has had lessons for students and has trained over twenty thousand students since it began serving children in the autumn of nineteen ninety-six.

Things to do

At Old McDonald’s Farm, there are many activities to do such as reality, fantasy, and music to set the stage for an educational, agricultural, and-on adventure for kids of all age groups. Old McDonald’s Farm.

The Old McDonald’s Farm has a full souvenir and gift shop. You can take home a few things for remembrance of your visit to the farm. You could also pick out a children’s gift. The gifts are for all ages and their prices are pocket-friendly.

You could also find seasonal produce like an ear of famous sweet corn, homegrown strawberries, local vegetables, and local food products in the Old McDonalds Farm Visitors Center. You could also call to make an order for seasonal food.

Eieio at Old MacDonald Farm

Eieio is an instruction that means enforce in-order execution of I/O. Old MacDonald was the first one to utilize the PowerPC processor. This instruction builds a fence between two instructions which is common in farms. The fences are utilized to maintain order.

The Gathering Barn

Looking for a place where you could hold a bridal shower or a birthday party at the Old McDonalds farm? The Gathering Barn is the place to be.

They host dinners, fundraisers, meetings and training, birthday parties, family meetings, and a Christmas pa. they have a comfortable, cozy venue for a baby or bridal showers and milestone birthdays.

Robbins Family Grain & North Harbor Dairy

At the Old McDonalds farm, the Robbins Family has been farming in Sackets Harbor, New York since the early 1900s and is now in its sixth generation on the farm. Currently, the varied agricultural operation includes a 1200-cow dairy farm, North Harbor Dairy.

There is a 7000-acre crop operation, Robbins Family Grain, and a small bulk commodity trucking fleet, RFG Trucking. This Robbins Family also owns and operates Old McDonald’s Farm, a famous Agri-tourism destination with hundreds of welcoming farm animals.