Mt. Van Hoevenberg New York

Mt. Van Hoevenberg, New York – 5 Ultimate Things to Do

Mt. Van Hoevenberg is New York’s largest ski area, and it’s also one of the most popular places to ski in the state. The mountain has something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

There are dozens of trails to choose from, and the views from the top of the mountain are absolutely breathtaking. If you’re looking for a great place to ski in New York, Mt. Van Hoevenberg is definitely worth a visit.

Location of Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Mount Van Hoevenberg is a mountaintop situated in the Adirondack Mountains in the Town of North Elba, Essex County, New York. It is at 9miles east-southeast of the hamlet of Lake Placid. It has an elevation of 896 meters with a relative height of 627 meters.

Mount Van Hoevenberg stands inside the watershed of the Western Branch of the Ausable River that watersheds into Lake Champlain, consequently into Canada’s Richelieu River, the Saint Lawrence River, and into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Mt Van Hoevanberg New York

The southeast slopes of Mt. Van Hoevenberg watersheds directly into the West Branch and the northern and southern slopes of Van Hoevenberg watersheds into the North and South Meadow Brooks separately.

Outdoor recreation at Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Mt. Van Hoevenberg merges outdoor recreation with Lake Placid’s Olympic Legacy. On the sliding center side, there is a state-of-the-art merged skeleton & bobsled track with North America’s biggest mountain coaster, The Cliffside Coaster.

At the side of the Nordic center, there are added 5km of World Championship rate trails, the World Cup Trails attaching the current 50km of cross-country skiing trails. There is a new lodge, The Mountain Pass Lodge.

This lodge is the Hub of Mt Van Hoevenberg.

Enjoy your drink, relax with your buddies, or just use your full day and experience all the outdoor arena of Mt Van Hoevenberg as they are presented.

Things to do at Mt. Van Hoevenberg

1. Climbing Center

The Climbing Center is available to the members of the public. It operates five days a week. These are on Tuesday through to Thursday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Climbing center New York

Enjoy an additional happy hour from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm. During the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, the operation hours are from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

The Climbing Center at Mt. Van Hoevenberg is always available to welcome climbers of all levels and interests, with more than 1500 climbing areas and a 30’ top rope wall. They provide all the climbing gears depending on your requirements such as shoes, harnesses, belay devices, and chalk. Welcome to this fascinating sport of rock climbing.

The charges of the Climbing Center are of different categories. An adult of 13 years of age and above parts with $15 per hour and a child of ages 12 years and below pays $10 per hour.

The happy hours which are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm charge $15 for one and half hours. Climbing shoes are also required and they are charged $5 if you need to hire them.

For a program of 6 weeks that operates from 3.30 pm through to 5.00 pm. Reservations are highly recommended.

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2. Mt. Van Hoevenberg East Trail

Adventure this 5.79 km, out and back trail that is close to Lake Placid, New York. It is viewed as a medium challenging route as it uses one hour and 51 minutes to finish.

Mt Van Hoevenberg New York

This trail is perfect for hiking and trail running, and it’s unlikely you will meet many people while adventuring.

You can come with your furry friend to adventure in this very stunning place, but they must be on a leash. Roads leading to this trailhead are subject to seasonal closure in Winter.

3. Hiking at Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Enjoy hiking at Mt. Van Hoevenberg from the Meadows. There are great things to enjoy from Est Trail’s new stairs. There is fresh snowfall that keeps the trail pretty solid in the muddy areas.

Mt Van Hoevenberg New York

It assists with the ice at the top. You can come with spikes that can assist at the top. The trail is not too difficult and has a few steep areas.

4. Mt. Van Hoevenberg Programs & Events

Mt. Van Hoevenberg has very friendly staff who are concerned about your patrons, families, friends, and individuals as well. They are always ready to assist each person to achieve their intended goals.

This friendly staff of professionals will assist you with all the steps of your way. They always pay attention to your needs and come up with an individual plan to assist you to attain a high proficiency level.

At Mt. Van Hoevenberg programs are provided for all ages and all abilities of several disciplines such as cross-country skiers, mountain bikers, and bobsledders. Check through their programming on the internet.

If you are not able to locate what you are searching for, they are always available to assist.

Some of the programs are;

• Wee Ski

There is a mom and my program for ages 6 & under created to couch toddlers to ski in a fun and friendly manner in an age-appropriate state. The children will be supervised by the staff during indoor playtime.

• Loppet Juniors

This program is created to bring a lifelong love for mountain biking and biathlon. Players attain sports skills fitness for enjoyment and expertise in mountain biking and marksmanship.

They will learn technical and mental skills through experience, games, and exercises that will bring about a solid foundation for a life in skiing. The staff focuses on designing a positive and pleasing atmosphere for all to participate.

The skiers in this event will work toward skiing in one of the programs at the Lake Placid Loppet weekend, and every ADK Citizen Challenge Series event. The charges for the programs comprise a season pass to Mt. Van Hoevenberg.

• Pathfinders

This program is created to bring about a lifelong love for cross-country skiing or mountain biking, trail running, hiking, and biathlon. Games, fun drills and expertise will grow skills and courage for a lifelong venture.

The sessions are created depending on the age and the capability to design a supportive and fun environment for children from 5 years to eleven years. The lessons are made to introduce children to the ways that make a lifetime of skiing fun.

• Snow boomers

Winter is always a sharing time with your buddies on the snow. Take part in active Nordic and Alpine skiers who are above 50 years of age during winter camaraderie, great coaching, and a lot of fun.

The welcoming weather of Snowboomers will spend Tuesday’s Alpine skiing at Whiteface Mountain and Thursdays Cross Country skiing at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. Enjoy your days during winter skiing with your buddies in these very stunning Adirondacks.

Wrapping Up…

Mt. Van Hoevenberg is one of the most popular destinations for winter sports enthusiasts in upstate New York.

It offers a variety of trails for both beginner and experienced skiers and snowboarders, as well as stunning views of the Adirondack Mountains. Whether you’re looking to hit the slopes or just enjoy the scenery, Mt. Van Hoevenberg is sure to please.