Lake Effect Diner

Lake Effect Diner, New York


Lake Effect Diner can be found in Buffalo, New York 14214 USA. It is part of the restaurant and other eating places industry. In all locations, the Lake Effect Diner employs 4 people. It has a total revenue of $135. 671 sales.


In 2002, The Lake Effect Diner opened its first location in Buffalo, New York. It was originally called The Wayne Diner. It was eventually sold after 20 years and became Orient House Chinese restaurant. It was eventually renamed China Buddha Restaurant after a few more years. It is well-known for its large red, green, and white signs.

Tucker Curtin and Erin Curtin brought the Lake Effect Diner back to Buffalo nearly 20 years ago. The Lake Effect Diner is one of the last remaining diner-style dining cars in America.

Since 1952, it has been serving up delicious and healthy American food from its diner car made of vintage neon and stainless steel. It is one of the most well-known diner-car-style dining cars of the 50s that still exists in America.

Contacts and ownership

The Curtin family has reestablished this charming diner, making it one of the most popular places to eat. The Lake Effect Diner can be reached at (716) 833-1952. Their website is

Lake Effect Diner

Menu and delicacies

Enjoy some old-fashioned milkshakes, as well as a wide selection of homemade delicacies. The Lake Effect Diner is a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

The Curtin family has chosen to focus on local fruits and meats and earned Guy Fieri a prominent role in Food Network’s “Diners and Drive-Ins” segment. The Effect currently bakes its own bread. Now you can buy white, multigrain, or rye bread, baguettes, or kaiser rolls. House-cured and house-smoked meats are available by the pound. There are many options for bacon, turkey, and ham as well as roast beef, corned beef, and ham. You can also get homemade jelly, jam, and marmalade.

Enjoy homemade bread and jams, as well as artisanal fresh, cured, and smoked meats. Eggs that come directly from the farm are just as fresh.

Guy described this 1950s diner as “scratch cooking gone wild”. The Lake Effect Diner makes its own ham. The upscale version of classics like the blueberry pancakes is available. Or you can expand your stomach with the Italian-style Fish and a side of mac and cheese. Enjoy a delicious western omelet or apple cider mimosa.

Special Dishes
Lake Effect Diner offers a variety of special dishes, including pizza, meatballs, and chicken Parmesan.

The Effect is open for breakfast and lunch.

Homemade bread
Beautifully restored train dining car, complete with booths and counter service. There is a bakery on-site and the meals are big enough to share with more people. Enjoy Hertel Avenue’s quirky shopping and art surprises by going here. It’s a stunning experience.

Homemade bread is not the only thing that you will find at this restaurant. They also have a great breakfast with eggs Benedict, Hollandaise sauce and delicious ham on top of grilled thick bread. The staff is friendly and polite. We will definitely be back.

Because it’s an original diner, the diner is full of character. It is delicious and not greasy or cheap as other diners offer. The portions are generous and the prices are a bit high. It is very tasty and of excellent quality.

Fries are made from fresh potatoes. Chocolate malt is one of the most delicious you’ll ever taste. This is a great place to visit!

Italian sandwich
This Effect has one of the finest Italian sandwiches. It is just as delicious as you’d expect it to be. It’s very delicious. Perfectly cut fries with the perfect amount of salt and spice. The old-fashioned blackberry soda is a great addition to the delicious food.

Lake Effect Diner

What did Lake Effect Diner Guy eat?

Guy Fieri, a Food Network host, visited the Lake Effect Diner back in 2009. Locals now have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious plate of ham and red-eye gravy at Lake Effect Diner, 3165 Main Street.

A platter of diced home fries potatoes, two eggs and toast is the ham. The ham is then soaked in thin coffee. It tastes even better. Traditional Southern recipes use country hams that are cured and smoked until there is no refrigeration, just like the whole prosciutto.

The Lake Effect doesn’t use country hams. Curtin’s hotels can be cured and smoked by the company using mesquite chips in its main kitchen at Clinton Street. Here is the beginning of the red-eye story.