Joyface NYC

Joyface NYC – New York City’s Retro Cocktail Bar

This 1970s-style cocktail bar has the goods for your next New York City outing. From the disco ball to the plush couches, it has something for everyone. If you’re looking for an authentic retro night, Joyface is the place to go. Read on to learn about the best drinks and best spots to hang out. There’s something for everyone at Joyface! Here’s a taste of what to expect.

Joyface is a 1970s-style cocktail bar

This East Village cocktail bar is named after a 70s speakeasy, so it’s no surprise that it has an eclectic ambiance. Its decor includes tigers, layered rugs, plush couches, a spinning disco ball, and a water bed. The drink menu is simple – it doesn’t include a specific drink, but instead offers a large bowl of liquors and mixers.

The retro-style decor and furnishings will take you back to the 70s, and you’ll enjoy the fireplace and plush couches. In addition to a disco ball, the bar’s walls are decorated with illustrations of Burt Reynolds. There’s even a waterbed in one corner – a real waterbed! Regardless of your drink preferences, you’re sure to find something delicious and memorable at Joyface.

	 Joyface NYC

It offers a variety of drinks

The Joyface NYC offers a selection of cocktails and handcrafted scotch. While it’s a hipster bar, the menu is not geared to the masses. You can order a delicious lemon vodka or a smoked salmon cocktail. Or, you can try the house-mixed highlife, a refreshing drink that comes in a Miller pony. Either way, you’ll be glad you made the choice.

The ’70s-inspired decor is playful and kitschy at this Alphabet City bar. There are vintage couches and even a waterbed in the corner. While there’s no cocktail menu, guests can choose their drink by dipping their hands into a magic bowl. The bartender will then prepare it using the liquor and mixers they chose. The menu isn’t particularly extensive, but it is a great way to try a few different flavors.

It has a disco ball

A cocktail bar located near Tompkins Square Park, Joyface is known for its eclectic interior, including paintings of tigers and a spinning disco ball. Guests are also invited to relax on a water bed in a corner. The drink menu is limited, with the option of choosing your drink by picking from a bowl of mixers and liquors. The Joyface bartender will create your drink using the selected ingredients.

A disco ball is not only an essential part of joyface’s decor, but a central attraction. This bar was formerly located at the Vertigo nightclub in Los Angeles. Now located at the Moxy Chelsea, Joyface also features a botanical-themed rooftop and a spinning disco ball. Guests can order a delicious burger, tater tots, or a cocktail at the bar’s signature tiki bar.

It has plush couches

This cocktail bar located near Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan has a colorful, eclectic interior, complete with paintings of tigers and layered rugs. There’s even a waterbed in the corner. There’s no drink menu, but you can choose your cocktail by looking at the bowl of liquor and mixer names. The bartender will then create your cocktail based on your selections. Then, you can enjoy your drink in style.

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It has a waterbed

A recent addition to New York’s bar scene, Joyface NYC has a waterbed in the corner of the cocktail lounge. Its eclectic interior features paintings of tigers, plush couches and layered rugs. Guests are invited to make their own drink by choosing from a bowl of liquors and mixers. The bartender will then make it according to your preferences. One of the more unusual features of the lounge is the waterbed.

The room is decorated like a 1970s living room, with plush couches, rugs and, of course, a waterbed. The mood is even more chill at the adjacent Morgan Library, where guests can relax and listen to live music and play chess. As a bonus, admission to the Morgan Library is free! The atmosphere is perfect for a late night, especially on a Friday night. Joyface is located at 104 Avenue C, between 6th and 7th streets.