Howe Caverns in New York

Howe Caverns in New York

If you’re looking for something unique to do in New York, Howe Caverns is the place for you. This natural wonder is located on Discovery Drive and offers breathtaking views and 60-foot passageways. The calcite and stone figurations inside the caverns are mind-blowing. This natural wonder is suitable for couples and families. Read on to discover what to expect at Howe Caverns.

Natural Stone Bridge and Cave

Discover the secrets of Howes Caverns with the help of an expert tour guide. The signature rock discovery tour offers the most immersive experience. Visitors can explore the cave in a lighted helmet and coveralls, crawling through narrow passages and crossing a dry underground stream bed. You’ll also see the ruins of the tourist boat, which was used to explore the cave 100 years ago.

Howe Caverns is located right next to Secret and Hidden Caves. These two cave systems have been a favorite tourist destination for decades. It’s important to make a reservation for a tour because both are located 150 feet below the surface. To see them in person, you can touch the mineral formations and cave walls. Whether you’re a nature lover or a history buff, there are tours for everyone.

You can take guided tours or self-guided tours through Natural Stone Bridge and Cave in Howes. Clarksville Cave has a length of 4,800 feet and three entrances. The narrow passages and tiniest rooms make the experience even more immersive and memorable. You can even take a dip in an underground waterfall! You can spend a day exploring this New York cave!

Howe Caverns in New York

Sellecks Cave

If you’ve ever been curious about the cave system beneath your feet, this book will help you learn more about them. Author Dana Cudmore grew up in the “Cave Country” of New York State, home to more than 150 caves, including Sellecks Cave and Howe Caverns. The book traces the history of caves and their exploration, and describes the engineering feats that carved them out.

For adventure-loving visitors, the caverns also offer several tours. The Signature Rock Discovery tour guides you through hard-to-reach areas. The Adventure Tour outfits you with coveralls, knee pads, and a lighted helmet. It includes crawling through the smallest passages, hopping underground streams, and completing a 107-foot-high Great Rotunda.

You can take the Adventure Tour of the Howe Caverns. This ride takes you through the cave and is 70 minutes long. The ride is 40 feet underground. You’ll see two different types of limestone and multiple speleothems. A twilight ride is available for guests with children. The caverns’ rides have a limited number of seats.

The smaller Natural Bridge Cave is also worth a visit. This limestone bridge is naturally formed. However, it’s hard to access and requires a parking permit. It’s best to visit during dry weather, since the cave is prone to flooding. You’ll have to wait until April to explore the cave’s other attractions. When visiting, make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out.

Howe Caverns in New York

Levy’s Cave

If you love caves, you’ll love Howe Caverns in New York. These caves are two separate systems, one of which has a signature rock discovery tour that will take you to places you might not otherwise find. Another tour is called the Adventure Tour, which outfits you with a helmet, knee pads, and coveralls to crawl through the narrowest passages. You’ll also cross a dry underground stream bed to reach the Great Rotunda, a 107-foot high dome.

In 1843, Howe opened the cave to the public for eight-hour tours. In 1857, he built a hotel over the entrance, but eventually faced financial difficulties. Then, a limestone quarry purchased the rest of the property, including the hillside opening to the cave’s natural entrance. After the cave closed for two years, the Howes Caverns organization worked hard to rebuild the entrance and re-open it on Memorial Day, May 29, 1929.

While the Howe Caverns is perhaps the most famous cave in New York, you’ll still find many others to explore, like the Lake of Venus, in the nearby Howe Mountains. While the caves can be dark, the light can illuminate a way into the dark. Visitors can also try their hand at spelunking or caving. Afterwards, you’ll be rewarded with a drink or a snack in the caves’ cafe.