Harlem Manhattan

Harlem Manhattan

Is Harlem a rich area?

Harlem is one of the neighborhoods in New York City known for its great food and affordable rent. The Harlem area in Manhattan consists of three parts; central, west, and East Harlem. Each area has different things to offer and has diverse safety levels.

The Central Harlem area lies between 110th street and 125th street. The central area is quite culturally diverse and has artistic sights to visit. People love the rich heritage history within the area, which also increases its value. Lenox Avenue and Schomburg Center are two famous sites within the area.

East Harlem is between the river and 96th street, with many mixed immigrants living in the area. You will find many Latin American people living in public housing. On the other hand, West Harlem is between 96th and 155th street, from where you can see the Hudson River and famous buildings such as Morningside Heights, Sugar Hill, etc.

Harlem is one of the most affordable areas in main New York City, with rents at least $500 lesser than the median. The average rent in Harlem is between $2,160 to $2,716 per month, which is relatively lesser than other areas’ rent.

What is Harlem NYC known for?

The Harlem area is known for its inclusivity and diversity. It is often called Black Mecca internationally, where people from different ethnicities live. You will find mostly Latin Americans on the east side of Harlem, but the West side is filled with Jewish, Dutch, Italian, and German people.

In the mid-1650s, the Dutch people settled in the Harlem area and lived there for over 200 years. Hence, you will find lots of Dutch people in the area. Harlem is known for emerging talents such as Bessie Smith, Claude McKay, Paul Robeson, etc.

Many Black Americans started filling up the Harlem area when the construction of the Pennsylvanian station was announced. The area is full of cultural diversities; hence, you will find unique foods and cuisines. There is a famous restaurant in the area called Red Roosters, where people enjoy food that speaks to their souls.

A Studio Museum in the area only shows African American artwork to support their culture. You can see amazing watercolor paintings, sculptures, photographs, and videos. There is also a central park conservatory garden where you can spend your time seeing beautiful sculptures and enjoying nature.

Is Harlem different from Manhattan?

Harlem is located in the upper Manhattan area and is a different neighborhood. You will find the Hudson River peeking through from some areas. It has a central park to the north, which gives people living in the area a great advantage.

All the main attractions within the city are within walking distance. Fifth Avenue is on the east side with many sights to see. The Dutch dominated the area earlier; however, people from various ethnicities live there now. The area is relatively inexpensive, and some areas are very safe.

Harlem Manhattan

Is Harlem a poor city?

Harlem is quite a big neighborhood in Manhattan where most people migrating from different countries prefer to live. It is not the poorest neighborhood in town, but it is great for people earning below average. 29% of people living there are on borderline poverty level; however, not all areas in Harlem have a below-average living standard.

Different areas in Harlem keep changing; some areas are safe to live in, while others have a relatively high crime rate. Harlem has many dining options as people have opened restaurants with diverse cuisines. Finding jobs is also easier in the area, given that it has a lot of emerging businesses.

How much of Harlem is black?

Harlem has undergone several historic events over the past couple of years. Dutch settlers had taken over Harlem in the mid-1650s, but different minorities started setting in after years of recession. After the 1905 event, Black Americans started settling in the area.

Black areas were prevalent in the area by 36.9% before 2020. However, 42.9% of Black Americans will live in Harlem after 2020, making them a majority. African Americans actively work in the area to promote their culture, art, and music.

What is the poorest part of Manhattan?

Nobody wants a poor standard of living, especially in New York City. However, people struggling to make their ends meet want to live in an area with affordable rent. Manhattan has some poor areas with very low rent for people with below-average income.

East Harlem is one of the areas that have the lowest rent of $1000, but houses do not offer much living standard. You will find people of various ethnicities in the area struggling to keep their feet planted.

Where should I avoid in Manhattan?

There are quite a few areas in Manhattan you should steer clear of. These areas are dangerous and give you a tight feeling in your chest. Here are the areas you should be avoiding:

  • Brownsville is a dangerous area known for murders, homicides, and deaths.
  • The Midtown area in Manhattan is one of the areas known for its high crime rate and pickpocketing.
  • Hunts Point is in the Bronx, which people don’t find safe and is quite a negative space.
  • New York downtown is another area you should avoid late at night to avoid pickpocketing.
  • East Harlem is a poor area with cultural diversity; it is not safe due to racism.

Harlem Manhattan

Which is the richest part of New York?

If you are visiting New York, you would want to see the richest neighborhoods and see luxury from a closer. While New York does have some poor neighborhoods, it also offers a luxurious lifestyle. Here are some of New York’s richest neighborhoods you must visit: