Grimes Glen Park

Grimes Glen Park

Whether you’re on a nature walk, a hiking expedition, or looking for a scenic view, Grimes Glen Park in New York offers it all. From its falls to its Birdwatching, this park has something to offer everyone.

If you’re planning to visit this park during the summer, be sure to arrive early and secure a parking spot. Read on for tips on where to park and what to do during your visit.

How long is the Grimes Glen trail?

The park is a popular spot for bird watching, hiking, and walking. This 1-mile out and the back trail takes 26 minutes on average to complete but if you’re looking for some alone time it can be done in less than 20!


Grimes Glen Park Nature Walk New York

A nature walk in Grimes Glen Park offers a view of the Finger Lakes gorge. It’s a popular summer destination for visitors from nearby cities because the temperatures are warmer than in the winter months.

During summer, visitors can swim at the second waterfall, which is approximately half a mile from the parking area. You can walk along the creek bed to get to this waterfall, which has a roar that can be quite ferocious.

If you’re a beginner at hiking, you can start your adventure by strolling along the trail. The trailhead has restrooms and paved parking. You can also park further along Vine Street, but it will add 0.75 miles to your walk.

While the trail is paved and largely flat, there are several steep sections where you can walk or swim. Water shoes are a must if you plan to wade through the creek, so be sure to wear them if you go into the water.

The hike to French Hill Falls begins about half a mile from the parking area. You’ll cross Grimes Creek via a pedestrian bridge. You’ll find an easy trail, but heavy rain and snowmelt can make this difficult. The trail follows Grimes Creek as it flows into Grimes Creek. You’ll cross the creek in the water to get to the falls, which is a very popular attraction in the park.


Grimes Glen Park New York

If you want to hike in a beautiful natural area, you can’t go wrong with Grimes Glen Park. This park is free to enter and offers stunning scenery. Parking is limited and often full, especially in the summer. Arrive early to make sure you can find a parking spot.

If you’re traveling with a large vehicle, you may have trouble exiting the park. There are many options available for you, but we recommend the park’s hiking trails for a family or small group.

If you love waterfalls, hike along the creek at Grimes Glen. You’ll be rewarded with two waterfalls, one on each side of the park’s main creek.

The first waterfall is the most impressive and is located at the highest point in the Naples region. The second waterfall is smaller but typically carries more water. You can listen to the roar of the water as it cascades through the gorge.

If you’d like to hike at the top of a waterfall, visit Grimes Glen. You’ll find the trail follows along the shore, but you have to step into the creek to reach it.

You’ll need to be prepared to get wet – particularly in cool weather. The water is shallow and deep, so be sure to wear high boots. This attraction is popular, so be sure to arrive early or late to avoid being turned away.

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Grimes Glen Park Bird Watching New York

If you want to observe birds in the wild, then birdwatching at Grimes Glen Park is an excellent option. The park features waterfalls, creek beds, and gorge trails.

You can engage in nature at different levels, from young children to experienced hikers.

For example, young children can climb the creek bed and take in the views, while experienced hikers can scale the gorge walls. However, you should bring appropriate footwear to walk through the creek.

To view the waterfalls at Grimes Glen Park, hike along the trails. The hiking trails take you about one mile and offer spectacular views.

The hike includes small challenges, so bring water shoes and a change of socks.

Be aware of falling trees and boulders, since the gorge is steep. After a few hours, you can enjoy a swim at the bottom of the sixty-foot-high water wall.

To observe birds in the park, head to the western side of the park and follow the trail towards the waterfalls.

A small sign points out a fossil tree, discovered by Naples biologist D. Dana Luther in 1882. The tree is 390 million years old and dates back to the Devonian Period. This specimen was found on the site and is now displayed at the New York State Museum in Albany.


How many waterfalls does Grimes Glen have?

The Glen is a hidden gem that features three waterfalls, all around 60′ high. Luckily for you though there’s an easier way to see them!
Grimes Glen Park New York
The first two falls can easily be seen from any angle but if you are wondering about getting up close and personal with this last one requires an extra push in order for it shines its brilliance upon your ears and eyes!

If you’re looking for a quick, easy waterfalls adventure, Grimes Glen Park is the place to visit.

The half-mile trail begins at the park’s parking lot, which offers restrooms and an information board.

The trail is flat at first, leading to cascades along Grimes Creek.

From there, the trail narrows and you’ll be forced to walk in the creek bed to see the first waterfall.

The second waterfall is slightly lower than the first, but typically carries more water and produces a more powerful roar.

When visiting the park, make sure to plan ahead of time. Parking at the park can be limited and can fill up fast, especially since the parking lot on Vine Street is no longer in use.

Also, if you plan on spending a day at the park during the summer, you should plan to arrive early so that you can secure a parking space. Ample restrooms and parking are available at the trailhead, but you may have to walk a bit farther along Vine Street if you plan to park there.

In the springtime, the waterfalls at Grimes Glen Park are at their highest.

As the creek deepens and spring rains begin, the water gets warmer. Bring waterproof, insulated boots and dry socks to stay warm and dry.

Also, dress appropriately for the season. For an outdoor activity as spectacular as watching the falls in Grimes Glen, you will want to be prepared to get wet. A winter coat is not only warm but also practical.

Off-limits area

The Finger Lakes Land Trust purchased 32 acres of land at Grimes Glen Park in 2008. The property was originally privately owned, but in 2008 the Trust transferred the title to the county, which now manages the park as a public park.

In exchange for the title, the trust receives an easement over the property. This partnership with the county has proved invaluable to land conservation in the Finger Lakes.

Today, visitors can enjoy hiking in the park while enjoying the scenery and wildlife.

During the winter, Grimes Glen Park turns into a magical winter wonderland. Visitors can walk to frozen waterfalls, despite the cold temperatures. Ensure that your footwear is waterproof and insulated.

You should also wear layers of clothing and make sure to have dry socks and wear proper winter gear. Visiting Grimes Glen Park in the winter also allows you to enjoy the park’s many trails.

If you’d prefer to hike into an undeveloped area of the park, the French Hill Falls trail is a popular destination. It’s only half a mile from the parking lot and crosses Grimes Creek via a wooden pedestrian bridge.

To get to the base of the waterfall, you’ll need to cross the creek bed. While the first waterfall is much larger and more picturesque, the second one typically carries more water and produces a ferocious roar.


If you’re looking for a place to take your children for a day trip in the Finger Lakes region, you should definitely consider visiting Grimes Glen Park. This park is a hidden gem, but it can be a challenge to find parking.

Fortunately, there is a paved parking lot at the trailhead, and if you don’t drive, there is free street parking near Vine Street. However, there is limited parking at this location, so arrive early or stay late.

The parking area for Grimes Glen is accessible by car, and the trail itself is well-marked. Visiting the first waterfall requires wading through a creek.

The second waterfall is only a few feet away, and hikers must make their way up the stream bed to reach it. While the second waterfall is smaller than the first, it usually carries more water, and its roar is a bit louder. If you’re looking for a great waterfall hike in the Rochester area, don’t miss this one.

The creek at Grimes Glen Park provides a natural setting where visitors can interact with its many features.

A short trail winds along the creek and leads to its western bank. Continuing on the trail, visitors can explore the gorge walls and a second waterfall, which can be found about half a mile from the parking lot.

While it is a beautiful park to visit throughout the year, the best time to visit is springtime when the creek is at its most lush and gurgling. The gorge itself is a continuously changing and fragile ecosystem. Moreover, the park is within walking distance of the village of Naples.

Wrapping Up…

Overall, Grimes Glen Park is a great place to visit for those who enjoy hiking and being in nature. The park offers a variety of trails to explore, as well as two waterfalls.

While the park can be challenging to find parking, it is definitely worth the effort. Whether you visit in the springtime or in the winter, you are sure to enjoy your time at Grimes Glen Park.