Finger Lakes Drive In

Finger Lakes Drive In – New York’s Oldest Drive-in Movie Theater

The Finger Lakes Drive In is a local favorite in New York. The historic drive-in has been around since 1947 and is one of the only remaining drive ins in the state. The Finger Lakes Drive In is known for its classic car showings, great food, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Finger Lakes Drive In New York

Finger Lakes Drive-In is situated at 104 Clark Street Rd # 9505, Auburn, New York 13021, United States. It is a single-screen drive-in movie theatre in the Finger Lakes area. It began in 1947 and is New York’s oldest, and most operational drive-in.

Get to see the ancient drive-in speaker poles, but they also offer movie audio with digital FM. Finger Lakes Drive-in also permit you to come with your pets provided they are leashed and well behaved at all times.

You can make your payments through credit cards. They do not admit anyone with outside food but their concession prices are lower than most places.

Finger lakes drive-in is New York’s oldest continuously operating drive-in theater. It is about 45 minutes west of Syracuse University.

Admission to Finger Lakes Drive In

To be admitted as an adult, you need to part with $10 which is inclusive of a voucher for a $2 food credit at the concession stand.

The Finger Lakes Drive-in is operational from late April or early May through to September or October which is dependent on the weather conditions.

Finger lakes Drive In ratings

The Finger Lakes Drive-In was listed as one of the top 10 drive-ins in the country. This is according to a study carried out by the Lonely Planet Travel Guide.

This is well welcomed taking into consideration that there are not a lot of drive-ins on the site.


Finger Lakes drive-in has been able to set itself apart from other drive-in theatres in the county. This is thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. It has the biggest screen in the Northeast. It is 106 feet wide. It is about seven stories tall.

The theater experienced a tremendous change after it was bought by Meyer. He has added a new projector and renovated the concession space.

There is an additional new marquee with a red 1947 Dodge Coronet and LED billboards. The new screen and the projector have marked the switch to 4K digital, combining the nostalgic drive-in experience with the latest in screen quality.

There is also an upgrade of the drive-in speakers to make sure that there is maximum sound quality as well as offering other options for listers, like an FM radio channel for listening from your car and Wi-Fi to use from your phone.

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Finger Lakes Drive-in charges

Finger Lakes Drive-In New York

The Finger Lakes Drive -continues to operate no matter the climatic conditions. Tickets are sold on the site.

An adult pays $8 and the clients can watch two back-to-back movies, the initial one begins at 7.30 p.m. Besides, the concession passes begin at $2

The affordability of the drive-in is what has been attracting people to the theatre. Enjoy the experience of watching films under the stars without worrying about sitting near other viewers. The charges are attractive more so to the college students especially those pursuing Visual and Performing Arts.

Finger Lakes Drive In screen

The Finger Lakes Drive-in screen is between 50 and 100 feet wide. It is a typical drive-in screen. The height of the screen is based on the width of the selected dimensions.

The height of the screen is also crucial. A drive-in screen should be at least 15 feet from the ground which is determined by the lay of your land.

The big screen offers more than movies for your enjoyment. The screen was bought by the new owner Paul Meyer eight years ago. There are new digital gadgets for the drive-in as it is always a front runner.

Previously, the drive-in has provided themed events and has been obtainable to rent out for the evening events.

Some of the earliest events include the FLEE Market Garage Sale and weddings occasionally.

There has been Halloween or a perfect horror flick.

Previously, Halloween has been a big draw for the drive-in with events that have themes including haunted walks, horror movies, costume competitions, and many more as you wish to enjoy.

Nostalgia at the Drive-In

The iconic Finger Lakes Drive-In is one of the most surviving theatres.

Finger Lakes Drive In New York Movie Theater

It is recognized as the oldest operating drive-in situated in New York State. It has historical nostalgia since it is all about location.

The love for cars spurred the drive-in and suitably this nostalgic treasure situates on a historical byway.

It is competently situated along the highway of historic Routes 5 and 20, two routes that pass-through New York State, and are periodically joined together.

Incidentally so, the two corridors merge for 68 miles in the western part of New York State. This part of the road joins a total of nine of the eleven Finger Lakes.

Besides the drive-in being classic, it is part of their new signage. It has a mix of modern meet retrospection.

There is a top of the lit electronic sign that sits their symbolic classic car, and other movie memorabilia, including a stormtrooper, minion, an old school movie projector, and best of all Darth Vader.

The fun does not stop here!

There is a fascinating ticket booth that still sports a neon vintage sign and is a welcoming section of the drive-in adventure.

There are more surprises. One of the retro qualities of the drive-in and now regarded as a fun novelty is the fact, that they still contain the native speakers, that are operational.

Therefore, when you drive up to your selected spot, you can take a trip down memory lane and listen in on one of these original pieces of history.

The sound is not untouched, and the speakers may not be absolute for moviegoers. Tune in to your radio and enjoy the show.


The drive-in recommends wearing shoes at all times.

After leaving, admission is not permitted again. The trash cans and recycle bins are comfortably situated on each side of the concession structure and at the exits.

It is also important to note that any device that is connected to your car can tamper with the sound of the radio. Pets on a leash are welcome too.

Enjoy a movie with your furry friends.

Bottom Line…

Overall, we thought it was a great experience! The food was delicious, the service was friendly and fast, and the atmosphere was perfect for a casual night out.

If you’re looking for a fun, affordable way to enjoy a night out with friends or family, we highly recommend checking out the Finger Lakes Drive In!