Devil's Hole New York

Devil’s Hole New York

Location and size

The Devils Hole State Park is a 42-acre state park situated in Niagara County, New York, on the northern side of the City of Niagara Falls. It is in the address of Niagara Scenic Pkwy, Niagara Falls, New York 14305, United States.

The Devil’s Hole is a water-filled cavern that is cut into the side of a hill. The cavern is more than 500 feet which are 152 meters deep. The bottom has never been mapped therefore, its size is not known.

History of the Devils Hole and formation

The Devil’s Hole was discovered by Brown. The Devil’s Hole Pupfish was initially discovered in 1891. It was a ninny fish that was studied and characterized by ancient scientists. They considered it a unique species of fish that was discovered in those early years.

The Devil’s Hole is a water-filled geologic makeup in Nye County. In 1952, this secluded cave with its geothermal pool was made into a detached part of Death Valley National Monument to safeguard its native pupfish. This is the only indigenous fish that is present here.

The name Devils Hole and the operations

The Devils Hole obtained its name for its dangerous terrain. It was a terrain that the Senecas were well aware of and took great care of it. In the past, when a British convoy of wagons proceeded through Devils Hole on September 14, 1763, they were ambushed by hundreds of Senecas.

There were twenty-four British in the wagon train numbers that paled in contrast to the waiting Senecas. They were not equal to the close to four hundred Senecas poised to do close-range battle. Despite this, three of the British were able to flee. The three of them fled to the nearby Lewiston for assistance.

When the backup reached back at the Devil’s Hole, the Senecas were ready and prepared for them. Eventually, they easily defeated them on the second round of British who were then coerced to surrender completely.

The Devil’s Hole is open to the members of the public. It operates all year round. It contains restroom amenities from the beginning of mid-April to October.

Devil's Hole New York

Swimming and diving at Devils Hole

The Devil’s Hole is one of the stunning summer swim spots in Deep Creek. Enjoy a hike at the nearby Aztec Falls. The swimming hole has less traffic and is more adventurous. It is approximately 3 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail, hiking northward from Splinters Cabin Trailhead.

Get ready to dive at the Devils Hole which is a worldwide dive like no other. Adventure the intensity of the Devis Hole. It is an underground water cave nestled in the vast desert of Death Valley National Park. Apart from its peculiar location, this compounded cave system is home to as scarce as the hen’s teeth fish in the world. This fish is the Devil’s Hole Pupfish. The Devils Hole Pupfish are only 35 which have been left out as of 2022. This is according to a survey that was carried out and released by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service.

Hiking at the Devils Hole

Explore this 5.00 mile, out and back trail near Lewiston, New York. Essentially viewed as a relatively challenging route, it consumes an average of 2 hours and 21 minutes to the end. This is a very common section for hiking. You will come across other hiking enthusiasts on the way while you are hiking.

Parking at the Devils Hole

Access the Devils Hole by driving on the northern side of the Robert Moses Parkway. The park is situated on the right side. Two parking lots can be accessed on the left of the Parkway. A pedestrian path and bridge over the Devils Hole are present in the first parking area.

Devils Hole Cave

The cave was formed slowly more than 420 million years ago. The cave is made from a DeCew Dolostone which is dark grey. It has just a 10-foot opening and just 20 feet in depth. There is no mush to explore at the cave other than checking out the defaced walls from the local party scene and stepping over beer bottles and garbage.

In the past, the cave was once a site of immense spiritual properties. This is not the current state of the cave. It overlooked one of the bloodiest battles in the whole area. You can obtain your souvenir and extract rock for yourself.

Devil's Hole New York

Devils Hole Whirlpool

The devil’s pool Whirlpool is a natural whirlpool along the Niagara River situated along the Canada-United States border between New York and Ontario. Its whirlpool is situated in the Niagara Gorge, downstream from Niagara Falls. It is approximated that the whirlpool came to be approximately 4,200 years ago.

Stairs at the Devils Hole

There are estimated stairs of 410 steps at the Devils Hole which are stone stairways. These steps are counted heading down. They are overgrown with weeds, crumbling and constant rock slides morph and cover the trail. It is advisable to watch one’s steps as you walk down the stairs and also watch out for those who are climbing up as their task is a bit more grueling.

The Devils Hole Trail

The Devil’s Hole Trail provides a less challenging hike within the Devil’s Hole State Park. The rail trail follows the direction of the initial trolley line constructed in the Niagara Gorge in 1895. Railroad service ended in 1935 after a rockslide badly destroyed the route.

The wooded, unpaved pathways are just over a mile one way and constitute a glorious overlook of the Devils Hole Rapids. Note that to access the trail, you will climb down a stone staircase into the gorge.

This trail is rich with historical significance and natural splendor. This trail is a well-kept secret in the Niagara Falls and Buffalo area. It is never crowded and offers some of the best fishing in Western New York. You can come down and see this remarkable trail and pick up a beer can on your way out.