Cliffside Coaster


Situated on Mt. Van Hoevenberg at the sliding center, the Cliffside Coaster is the U.S.’s extensive mountain coaster. The coaster steers just beside the bobsled track utilized in the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics, permitting riders to incorporate a piece of the past from a class by itself viewpoint.

Riders are settled in their coaster as well as children, who can ride by the side as riders and have the authority of the ride upon reaching the top. Even if you want to explore the excitement of running from top to bottom of the mountain or catch things easy and have the benefit of the gorgeous view, it’s fully up to you to decide.

As you zigzag from top to bottom of the mountain, you will encounter thrill curves, providing you with a glance into what the sled event is like for Olympians of the past years.

Even if it is expected that you might get carried away in the thrilling ride down, try to maintain your head on a swing for stunning views. Riding the Cliffside Coaster in the fall season is a perfect way to explore the sparkling fall foliage of the Adirondack Mountains.

Before your experience the rush of the Cliffside Coaster, it is important to acknowledge that there are a few capacities per allocated time. Be sure to subscribe and verify on the internet.

Whenever you have a chance to ride the extensive mountain coaster in the United States on a getting underway. The coaster along the mountains of the Adirondacks along with parts or alignment of the former 1932 and the 1980 Olympic Bobsled course is the best.

Time to ride at Cliffside Coaster

The time allocated for the ride that is inclusive of a cable pulled ascent is just about 7.5 minutes. The whole Cliffside Mountain Coaster adventure is comprised of two sections. Riders pull out of the loading station and have the advantage of a 4.30 cable-dragged levitation to the peak of the mountain.

Frightening of Cliffside Coaster

Cliffside Coaster

Sliding down the run is an amazing experience with its several notches underneath. Even an inexperienced roller coaster concerning excitement will enjoy it.

It is beyond any doubt an amusement goes below the run, but as a matter of fact, is not all scare. It lasts for around 40 seconds which are very few periods to make you get frightened. This also makes the activity a bit costly.

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Enjoying the Cliffside Coaster

Many people while planning to visit the Cliffside Coaster do not imagine themselves having to love this experience as much in moments. They think of the $50 per person price tag for a few seconds ride as a little steep and doubtful if it is worth the cost.

They end up having fun more than expected and even give referrals to their friends and peers for it. At Mt Van Hoevenberg and a ride on the coaster is always worth the price tag.

Traveling with family at Cliffside Coaster and its costs

If you are visiting with a family, this is an outstanding activity for the entire family. Every cart can accommodate one adult and one child who are 3 to 12 years old. If planning to have an extra rider there will be an additional fee of only $10.

Cliffside Coaster New York

The age limit is 9 years old to drive on your sled without assistance or 18 years old to drive with a child passenger who is also between 3-12 years of age. The entire weight maximum for the coaster is 300 lbs. per sled.

Every sled has two hand brakes that can secure the speed. You can ride as fast or as slow as you wish as you make your way along the route. If you are arranging on riding slowly, it is advisable to notify the attendant.

This is for them to arrange for you an extra room from the riders who are behind you. You need to keep a specific distance between each sled that is determined by the weather conditions. The carts will be set in such a way that they will unconsciously stop and signal if you get very near to the sled that is ahead of you.

Their costs range from $10 to $55. If you ride alone, you will pay $55 with the age limit in consideration. A driver will pay $50 which is a Military Rate. A child passenger will pay $10.

The explanation at the Cliffside Coaster

The commentary makes the whole experience more enjoyable. You can find yourself cruising down the course, full speed ahead, nodding as you whip all over the place the solid spiraling corners and small plunges.

You will be amazed at just how speedy these sleds can go and it will be interesting and a stunning ride spiraling back down to the starting area. You will be tempted to repeat it and, will love to explore the mountain coaster in the fall season.

With an opportunity, you will enjoy Mt. Van Hoevenberg displaying off its foliage. After your ride, you can trek along with the intricate, rent a mountain bike, go out for a hike, or even sign up for a bobsled ride.

Climbing Mount van Hoevenberg

The Mount van Hoevenberg west side trail is about 2.2 miles one way or 4.4 miles to and frog. The time taken to the peak of the mountain is about an hour. This is off cause if you are hiking at a medium speed.

The eastern train is 1.8 miles for one way or 3.6 miles to and from. It consumes about thirty to forty minutes to climb up to the top.

Tallest roller coaster in New York

The tallest roller coaster in New York is Kingda Ka. It characterizes a hydraulic launce that sends its trains rocketing up and more than four hundred- and fifty-six-foot top hat tower. This is what makes it the tallest coaster in the universe. It has an alarming 128 mph.