Centennial Park New York

Centennial Park New York is an attractive park situated in a 14-acre natural setup on the north-central side of the city. Centennial Park is a native favorite part of several summertime festivals, such as summer concerts and Go-Arts July 4th Picnic in the Park. It is also a great section for sledding in the winter.

It lies on two acres of land and provides a playground, two basketball courts, volleyball, handball and shuffleboard courts, table games, and a sandpit. Cool off with the park’s sprinklers in summer months like never before and enjoy these natural wonders of the park in New York.

Do not be fooled by its small acreage. Centennial Park has many attractive sites to offer. It mostly specializes in children. It has been recently renovated and offers a fully-fledged state-of-the-art playground that is fully equipped with eight swings, a climbing apparatus, slides, a dozen basketball hoops, and two tennis courts.

The legend Julius Erving, a.k.a Doctor J, grew up in the area and played basketball on the courts. This is a very important thing to sports enthusiasts. The water sprinkles are available in season for your adventure.

History of the Centennial Park

The history and geography of Centennial Park are abundant. You can breeze through and enjoy the beauty of the park or you can spend hours reading and digesting all the history on the walls and displays. There’s the soothing stream alongside tree-lined jogging paths, beautiful gardens, and a 20’ concrete needle.

Westside monuments include an unmarked stone clamshell and a 10-foot concrete ship with a bronze figurehead. Besides the Parthenon sits the statue of John Thomas, Centennial Exposition president. It is a very enjoyable place to spend some time on the grounds and around.

Things to Do in Centennial Park

This small park is right on the river, and a few steps past the entrance or the exit of The Riverwalk. It has benches for viewing a spectacular span of the river. Mature trees, flowers, shrubbery, and a paved sidewalk make it handicap-friendly.

Centennial Park New York

Go there for a great view of the sunset quiet except for the wind blowing off of the water. Picnic benches are available to enable you to take a breather as you trek through this fascinating park.

If you want to have a good view, the evening time is the best and is magical. Stand for a while and watch the ships go by, then look at the left on Riverside Street with its street lights lit. Veer left onto the riverwalk and strolled to the other side of Clayton. You will feel secure the entire time.

This park is free so stop by if you are in Clayton. There are some little shops where you can do your shopping as you explore these natural wonders in New York.

Quaint little park with access to the St. Lawrence River. With a seawall high enough not to get you soaked by the waves from the Lakers and Freighters, this Park offers you multi uses.

This includes fishing, picnicking or ship watches which are a few ways to soak in the river atmosphere here at Centennial Park. Enjoy to the fullest at taking the message to those who have not experienced these attractive sceneries.

It is a beautiful little park, a gem on Riverside Drive. It is a great park to enjoy the river views, either in the shade of the trees or on a bench in the sun. it is also a perfect site to watch the boats in and out of the nearby marinas while watching the channel.

The Centennial Park has some quite nice big trees, located by the river. Visitors could see boats pass by. It is quite attractive.

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Once there, more people will join you to see these very fascinating sceneries. Enjoy the whole panel about the battle of French Creek on the way to Montreal. This is quite intriguing. Another intriguing feature is a double arch facing the lake. It makes a beautiful picture.

One of the best parts of this park is to enjoy the many boats that pass by. You will also be overenjoyed by the fresh breeze from the river. Quite worthwhile to explore!

Going to Centennial Park after dinner and wandering around, people watching, and enjoying the beauty of the park’s landscaping and ponds is stunning.

Centennial Park Parthenon New York

It is large and very well maintained. If you go inside the Parthenon there is a wedding reception and it is gorgeous.

Although, when you go to the park, you will not manage to go inside the Parthenon if you want to take your humble time to experience the park. Instead, go during the day, set out a picnic blanket and read, walk the pathways, or play frisbee. Picture it as Nashville’s version of a smaller scale Central Park.

You will love it! Beautiful area and nice wide pathways to walk. The Parthenon is gorgeous in the backdrop of the walk. The lake area adds a little something extra. Walk all the way around to check out all the statues.

Walked over to Centennial Park from downtown Nashville to see the Parthenon is welcomed. It is a nice walk on a chilly but sunny January day and the park was pleasant to walk around. The lake is a mile loop around and has information boards about what it used to be like there. There are lots of love swings dotted around which are cute and wildfowl in the lake.

Visit the park with small children and the kids will love the parking area with swings and 2 separate jungle gyms for different age groups. Very large lawn with plenty of room to stroll or jog just be careful about all the dog poop – ignorant pet owners who don’t pick up after their pets.

There are cool bench swings spread around the perimeter. Nice pond near the Parthenon entrance. Over it is a nice relaxing and chill place to visit. Would recommend good food options all around.