Catskill Mountain Railroad – All Aboard!

The Catskill Mountain Railroad is a heritage railroad that offers scenic excursions and freight service in New York’s Ulster and Delaware counties.

The railroad operates on a portion of the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad, which ran from Kingston to Oneonta.

The Catskill Mountain Railroad is operated by the Ulster & Delaware Railroad Company, Inc., a non-profit organization.

The Catskill Mountain Railroad offers two main types of services: scenic excursions and freight service.

Scenic excursions are offered on a variety of different routes, including the popular “Peek-a-Boo” train that takes passengers through a 1,000-foot-long tunnel. Freight service is provided to local businesses, including the ability to ship hazardous materials.


The Catskill Mountain Railroad is a museum railroad situated in Kingston, New York City. It is in southeast New York State, between Albany and New York City.

The area consists of both private and public land that is within the 700,000 acres of the Catskill Park and it inhabits sections of four counties, that is Sullivan, Delaware, Greene, and Ulster.

Catskill Mountain Railroad New York

‘It began its operations in 1982. The Catskill Mountain Railroad is a for-profit making organization aimed at maintaining the railroad paths for all-seasons adventure use.

There is a breathtaking natural charisma such as waterfalls and scenic vistas. The Catskill Mountains are also popular for their number of preserved hiking trails, ski resorts, lakes, and rivers for guests to adventure. They are 98 peaks in the Catskill Mountains. The Eastern Mountains are towering in elevation while the Western Mountains flatten into the Allegheny Plateau.

Formation of Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains are a dissected plateau. They are not geologically appraised mountains at all. The Catskill Mountain extends to the Appalachian Mountains and soars from the Hudson Valley. The tallest mountain in the Catskill is Slide Mountain which contains a summit elevation of 4,180 feet.

It is situated in the Eastern section of the Catskills, Ulster County. The Catskill Mountain range connects to the Pocono Mountains in Northern Pennsylvania.

Things to Do in the Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains New York

The Catskill Mountains have been a place where those looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the city way of life go. This has been happening for hundreds of years. There are relaxing resorts and outdoor adventure chances. It is a natural paradise for experiencing nature.

Guests can enjoy the Catskills Mountains all year long.

The start of the snow to fall, the Ski resorts in the Catskills come alive with skiers and snowboarders and the snowmobiling trails begin to buzzle with sleds.

During the summer season, the restaurant provides adrenaline-pumping activities such as mountain biking and zip-lining.

Better still you can enroll as a member of the Catskill Mountain 3500 Club by hiking each of the 35 Catskill Peaks over 3500 feet in height.

Rivers, Lakes, and Streams at the Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains New York

Catskill mountains were modeled by their waterways. Currently, it operates as a hotspot for water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and rafting.

Catskill is also referred to as the birthplace of American fly fishing. The Delaware River System is filled with more than 60 species of fish such as species of trout, bass, perch, panfish, and walleye.

Other than being one of the greatest places for recreational fishing, boating, and kayaking, the bodies of water throughout the Catskills also offer clean and unfiltered drinking water for nine million dwellers.

The NYC Watershed has 19 reservoirs that offer freshwater to New York City employing four supply systems.

These supply systems include:

  • Catskill Supply System
  • Delaware Supply System Croton Supply System
  • Catskill/Delaware Supply System.

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Historic Sites in the Catskills

Catskill has assisted in shaping the American way of life. As a setting for many 19th-century Hudson River School paintings and the historic 1969 Woodstock Festival.

There are heritage sites across the region to celebrate the legacy of Catskill art and culture, like the Thomas Cole Museum, Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum, Hanford Mills Museum, and James Cox Gallery at Woodstock.

The Fame of Catskill Mountain

The Catskill Mountains are popular for being the location of the Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, NY in 1969.

It is also the filming site for the 1987 film dirty Dancing starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

dirty dancing movie catskills new york

In the recent past, it was the setting for the second season of the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Plants and Animals in Catskill Mountain

The Catskill Mountains support lives. The weather is great for various flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else. It is advisable to remain, a vigilante when planning to hike at Catskill Mountain. Mother nature is fascinating but wildlife poses a threat in other habitats.

Some of the animals you may get to see on your Catskill Mountain Railroad excursion include:

  • Snakes

There are 2 types of poisonous snakes, the copperhead and the timber rattlesnake.

If you see or hear them nearby step away slowly. Avoid sudden movements as they can mistake it for an attack. The snakes live for up to 30 years and up to 4 feet.

  • Coyotes

Coyotes’ howls can be heard if you listen hard. There are several of them in the Catskill and their surroundings.

  • Fishers

These are cat-sized weasels. They almost became extinct in the 1900s, due to hunting for their fur, but they are back to a healthy population.

  • Black Bears

These are attractive animals but they should be avoided. Avoid trekking along the dens and caves as they hibernate with their cubs during the winter season.

  • Big Cats

These are the Bobcats and cougars.

  • White-Tailed Deer

They are majestic animals that are often seen in herds. They are not dangerous unless they are provoked.

  • Chipmunks

They scamp around the trees in the forest or forage for fruit, mushrooms, nuts, and seeds. They are not dangerous and when they see humans, they tend to escape.

You will see tons of Flowers on Your Catskill Mountain Railroad Fall Foliage Ride

Check out this cool video about Catskill Mountain Railroad Fall Foliage Rides in the Fall

There are very attractive blossoming flowers at Catskill Mountain.

They range from Dutchman’s Breeches, Starflowers, White Violets, Trout Lilies, Red and Painted Trillium, Eastern Red Columbine, Fringed Polygala, Ragged Robin, Mountain Laurel, Pinter, Viper’s, Bugloss, and Orange Hawkweed.

Campgrounds for Outdoor Travel

If you are the kind of person who enjoys reconnecting with nature, Catskill Mountain is a place to be. It has several campsites to adventure. There are tent camping and RV camping to select from. Backcountry camping is not for the faint of heart or the newbies in camping.

There are no amenities and luxuries in this place including electricity. Enjoy at the Devil’s Tombstone Campground which provides access to the Devil’s Path Trail is 21 miles long and full of twists and turns.

Enjoy some fresh air and several summits like India Head, Sugarloaf, Hunter, and Twin. Caution at the Devil’s Path Trail must be exercised since there are many animals there.

In Conclusion…

The Catskill Mountain Railroad is a great way to experience the beauty of New York’s Catskill region.

Whether you’re looking for a scenic excursion or freight service, the Catskill Mountain Railroad is sure to have something for you.