Burrville Cider Mill is situated at the headwaters of the North Branch of Sandy Creek on a 30-foot waterfall. This waterfall was utilized in turning a turbine that powered the mill apparatus initially. The village of Burrville has settled ahead of the accessible Watertown.

This was because the Black River that passes across Watertown was contemplated to be too great to channel but the falls at Burrville were simple to guide. The Burville Cider Mill is found at address 18176 County Route 156, Watertown, NY 13609.


Burrville got its name from Capt. John Burr, who bought the Mill in 1802. Capt. Burr is not very well known. Besides, there were some hearsays that he was a pirate who could loot from the supply ships out on Lake Ontario and then trade the goods back to the troops in Sackets Harbor.

There is still a rumor that his ghost still visits the Mill. In effect, the old Mill has a reputation for its numerous hauntings.

Currently, there is a record of a cider press that is in use at the Mill as far back as the 1800s. In the 1940s Homer Rebb changed the Mill to cider making on a merchandising scale. From that day forward, Burrville Cider has been known as the best cider in the North Country.

Operation of the Mill

Burrville Cider Mill

The Mill is currently run by electricity instead of waterpower. The remaining of the old penstock, a water tunnel, is still there though, and all of the travelers are encouraged to take a stroll on the decks overlooking the falls. The feel of the mist and the roar of the falls is an experience you will not forget anytime soon.

Burrville Cider Mill does not produce their apples, but it gets supplies of fresh apples from the nearby orchards. Visitors can buy a wide range of seasonal apples at a pocket-friendly price from the bins that are placed outside the mill.

At the inside of the mill, there is a small silo that plays host to local goods that range from sauces to crafts. The most welcoming things however are the donuts and the cider.

Visiting the Burrville Cider Mill

Burrville Cider Mill New York

At the Burrville Cider Mill, there are many different apples available for purchase. If you can get the timing right, you can even watch them mill the apples. The mill is commonly open during cider season and you can get their updated information on their website.

This is where they normally put their schedule. The Mill is situated in an area of natural beauty. You could even check their site on their waterfall.

Inside the Burrville Cider Mill, there are several local treats for sale. There are varieties more than just cider-based things. The store stocks locally harvested honey and maple syrup and artisan ceramics.

Apple cider can be bought by a gallon. There are also very delicious apple cider donuts. You could also opt to taste plain apple cider donuts which are those topped with cinnamon sugar to enhance your taste buds. The donuts are sold fresh directly from the preparation. You could also buy those that have stayed for a day which is also good and not spoilt for your consumption.

Apple cider donuts are prepared fresh each morning and provided both with cinnamon sugar and plain. Prepared right in front of you, these donuts are awesome.

To lap, it all is the welcoming apple cider. There is a huge refrigerator in the shop that has a cold apple cider in different sizes ranges from one serving pints to gallon jugs. Burrville Cider Mill also provides apple cider slushies and hot apple cider for selling.

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Cider press

The cider press is situated in the basement of the structure, to which access can be gained from the back deck. The pressing of the cider is done on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the season. The travelers are welcome to step into the place and take a self-guided tour of the cider-making process.

Visiting Burrville Cider Mill

If you are visiting the western upstate New York, and you happen to be there during the fall season, a trip to Burrville Cider Mill will assist you and your taste buds. You will be happy with the season to the fullest.


After visiting the fascinating apple cider, apple cider donuts, and the celebrated mill, there is a 30-foot waterfall behind Burrville Cider Mill which makes a good place to visit too.

The beauty at the back of the cider mill makes for the ideal vantage point from which to observe this stunning waterfall. You can also consider a table to enjoy your cider and donuts while watching the waterfall.

Burrville Cider Mill Falls characterizes by one big drop which is about ten to fifteen feet in length. There is a sequence of small drops that make the whole waterfall about 30 feet in total height in accord with the mill.

The stream does not appear to carry a ton of water. It is a very charming spot mainly during the fall. This is thanks to the attractive autumn colors that circumnavigate the mill and the waterfall.

When the mill is closed, the deck is also closed. Besides, the waterfall can be viewed from the road. There is a perfect size pull-off by the side of the bridge to park your car and the shoulder is wide enough that you can enjoy the waterfall from there without any problem.

When the mill is open, it is a good spot to view in addition to the back deck as you can get pictures of the waterfall with Burville Cider Mill in front.

If you are visiting Watertown, New York area in the fall season, visiting Burville Cider Mill and its waterfall both of which are located just a few minutes from the city is an amazing decision. The blend of the history, attractive waterfall, and amazing cider and donuts makes it an attractive place in the region.