Beak and Skiff – An Apple Lover’s Dream

If you’re looking for the best apples in New York, look no further than Beak and Skiff. This family-owned farm has been growing apples since 1911, and they know a thing or two about what it takes to produce perfect fruit.

From their award-winning Honeycrisp apples to their heirloom varieties, Beak and Skiff’s apples are sure to please any apple lover.

Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards Location

Beak and Skiff are an Apple Hill Campus that is situated at 4473 Cherry Valley Turnpike, Lafayette, NY 13084, United States.

History of Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards

The farm originated in 1911.

This farm is involved in growing, harvesting, storing, packing, and selling apples both locally and internationally.

It is involved in the selling of fresh cider to the wholesalers.

Other than the wholesale market, the farm also carries the retail selling and runs a PYO (Pick-Your-Own) Orchard, Farm Market, and Mail/Phone/Web Order business during the fall season.

It was opened to the members of the public in 1975. After a few years, the farm was changed from an old dairy barn into the Apple Hill Country Store and bakeshop.

In 1911 the family-owned orchard was established when George Skiff, who was an onion farmer on the Northern Side of Syracuse, and Andrew Beak, a dairy farmer, met at the farmers market and resolved it would be fruitful to join forces and join hands to grow and engage in the fast-growing apple business.

They contemplated doing so on the hillside section along Route 20 that had good climatic conditions for growing apples. They started growing the apples that very year.

In 1920 they established a new wholesale business.

During the 1920s and 30s, Beak & Skiff started selling apples to grocery stores like the Victory, A&P, and other small local grocers.

Beak and Skiff New York

What kind of apples are they picking at Beak and Skiff?

There are quite a several varieties of apples to pick from this very fascinating farm. Beak and Skiff Apple picking include the Gala, McIntosh, Ginger Gold, and Paula Red.

These varieties are commonly present from late August along to October.

Enjoy the live music events, Cider Fests, Orchard Runs and Kids’ Magic Show and enjoy your apple picking time, in 1625 the first apple orchard was planted in the United States near Boston’s Beacon Hill.

Other interesting facts about Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards


Organic Honeycrisp CBD Oil

Beak and Skiff Research CBD is made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. It is grown and processed in the middle of their 5th generation apple orchard.

The CBD is a third-party test to make sure that you are getting a high-quality product. This is because all the CBDs are not made equally.

How big is Beak and Skiff?

The size of Beak and Skiff is 700 acres of land. It is one of the biggest and highest apple operations in New York. 400 acres of the land is farmed.

Beak & Skiff aided in the pioneering of onsite retail apple sales and u-pick with its original Apple Hill buildings, on Lord’s Hill Road (Route 80), back in 1975.

Bringing your furry friend to the Beak & Skiff

Only well-behaved furry friends that are on leashes are allowed on the campus. They are not allowed to explore the buildings or the orchard itself.

All other pets and animals are not allowed in.

Angry Orchard hard cider

An Angry Orchard Tropical fruit hard cider is an adventure in a can.

It mixes a complementary blend of juicy pineapple with Crisp Apple notes, designing a good beach vacation vibe.

Walking through the orchard

The orchard is open during the period of apple picking time. This is from August all through to October. To gain access to the orchard, you must take one of the free wagon rides.

Selling of apple trees

During the early summer season, the campus might have leftover apple trees seedlings that they can sell to their customers. They are of high-quality standards and the varieties are changed each year.

Parking at the campus

There are selected spots where you can park your ride, at the entrances of the campus. At the back of the entrance, it is labeled as the delivery entrance off of Route 80.

ADA accessibility

There are paved pathways between the structures. The campus is ADA-compliant restrooms.

Apple fritters availability

The Beak and Skiff campus uses fresh apples only for their fritters. Therefore, the fritter’s availability is limited to the apple picking period only at the Apple Hill Campus.

Apple cider Innovation

The Beak and Skiff campus began making apple cider immediately after opening the Apple Hill Country Store.

As it became famous, and the demand from the wholesale accounts grew, they found the need to come up with a pasteurization process that increases the shelf life without tampering with the delicious flavor.

The cider mill was, to begin with, “flash pasteurizes” fresh cider and distribute it through the entire channel. Currently, the cider can be obtained at their favorite grocery stores and markets.

New Ventures

In 2001 the Beak and Skiff divided out again and came up with the 1911 Established line of Hard Ciders. They are made from their sweet cider which has continued to grow in fame every year.

Introducing spirits

The Hard Cider’s success brought about the jumping into the spirit’s venture. They launched a small batch of premium vodka and gin.

The 1911 Spirits brand was the first in Onondaga County to have a distillery license and the first to make gin.

Beak and Skiff Apple Picking

Beak and Skiff Apple Picking New York

The apple picking period starts at the end of August or at the beginning of September. The ripeness and the readiness of this amazing crop depend highly on the climatic conditions.

Therefore, it is not easy to predict when to pick until a few days before.

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Apple trees

Beak and Skiff Apple Trees New York

The Beak and Skiff have planted many trees of apple. As of Spring in 2019, Beak & Skiff has had 300, 000 apple trees on their land.

The trees are of different varieties. They have 20 varieties of apple trees on the farm.

Beak and Skiff Summer Concert Series

Beak and Skiff Summer Concert Series is back for another year of great music! This year’s lineup includes some of the biggest names in the business, so be sure to catch a show!

The concerts take place every Thursday night from June through August, and there’s something for everyone.

You can purchase concert tickets at the entrance. This is so throughout unless it is specified in the event planner on their website or the Eventbrite. There is a day-of-ticket purchase which is subject to a higher price point.

Cooler concerts are not allowed on the campus during concerts. They recommend limiting personal belongings to just a small handbag.

Purchase your gift cards that are sold at their General Store and Tasting Room.

So come on out and enjoy some great tunes under the stars!

Interested in a Beak and Skiff Wedding?

Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards is now booking weddings at their new outdoor venue!

Located in the heart of Central New York, their scenic setting is the perfect place to exchange vows.

They offer a variety of packages to suit your needs and can accommodate between 200-250 guests.

So whether you’re looking for a rustic-chic affair or a classic country wedding, Beak & Skiff is the perfect place to say “I do.”

Bottom Line…

Beak and Skiff company is a unique and innovative company that offers a variety of products and services.

From their delicious apple cider to their amazing apple picking experience, there is something for everyone at Beak and Skiff.

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable event, be sure to check out their summer concert series!

And if you’re planning a wedding, their new outdoor venue is the perfect place to exchange vows.

Thanks for learning more about this great company!