Awosting Falls New York

Awosting Falls New York: You’re Invited

Awosting Falls is a stunning natural wonder located in Minnewaska State Park Preserve, New York. This hidden gem is often overlooked by visitors to the park, but those who make the effort to find it are rewarded with a beautiful waterfall and serene surroundings.

The hike to Awosting Falls is moderate in difficulty and can be completed in about an hour.

Awosting Falls is a 60-65 foot waterfall that tumbles from a sheer rock wall into a deep pool at its base. This waterfall is also known as Washington’s Awosting Falls.

While the waterfall is stunning, you s should avoid getting too close to the walls for their safety.

It is crucial to follow all park regulations and keep a safe distance.

Minnewaska State Park

The name Minnewaska comes from Native American languages and means “good water”. The two lakes, Lake Minnewaska and Lake Awosting are continually replenished by rainwater.

The most popular lake is Lake Minnewaska, located 3 miles away. Visitors can also swim in the lake located at Lake Awosting. There are also carriageway trails for cycling and swimming in the lakes.

The Minnewaska State Park, Awosting Falls, New York is an expansive 22,000-acre park outside of New Paltz. It boasts over 50 miles of hiking trails, three massive lakes, and scenic cliffs.

The main parking lot offers access to two popular hiking trails. You can begin a trail near the lake to take in the beautiful scenery. You can also take the Minnewaska Lake Trail, which leads to the Awosting Falls.

Awosting Falls

Awosting Falls is a 60-65 foot waterfall that tumbles down a sheer rock wall and into a large pool at its base.

While it’s fun to see this natural wonder, swimming is not permitted and it’s important to follow the park’s rules to ensure your safety.

It’s also a popular hiking destination for families. For more information about the waterfall and how to get there, visit the official website.

The hike starts at Lake Minnewaskas and includes nine miles of challenging wooded trails, with a one-mile break along a carriage road.

You’ll see jagged rock formations left by the last ice age along the Shawangunk Mountains.

The Hudson River Valley is visible along the ridgeline, and the hike will end at Awosting Falls, a waterfall viewed from the top of the Shawangunk Mountains.
If you don’t have a car, you can take a bus or taxi back to the parking lot.

Awosting Falls New York

Hiking Trails in Awosting Falls

If you’re looking for a beautiful waterfall in New York, the Trail to Awosting Falls is definitely worth a visit. The water cascades 60 feet into Peterskill stream in Minnewaska State Park.

Located one hour and thirty minutes outside of New York City, the Awosting Falls are a popular spot for picnics.

This park has a trail that winds down the hillside and has a few turns before reaching the base of the waterfall.

The trail to Awosting Falls starts near the bathrooms in the lower parking lot.

It’s 0.6 miles one-way and covered in gravel. You might want to take a stroller or jogging stroller along the trail, but wheelchairs or pushchairs may not handle it.

The trail is well marked with red blazes. There is an observation deck and a picnic area at the waterfall.

Are There Fish in Lake Awosting?

If you are interested in fishing in Lake Awosting, New York, then you are probably wondering if there are fish.

This lake, which is situated just three miles southwest of Lake Minnewaska, has a pH of below five, while Minnewaska’s pH is nearly seven. There are a few species that live in Lake Awosting, and you can use your best judgment when choosing where to fish.

Golden shiners are the fish that inhabit the lake, but they’re not native to the lake.

They were introduced after a bird touched an egg in a particular location. Their presence in the lake led to a spike in algae growth, a reduction in phosphorous, and a reduction in water clarity.

This increased the number of largemouth bass in the lake, and the largemouth bass feasted on the fish.

However, the fish population did not last long.

The lake is lined with Martinsburg shale, a substance that is used to neutralize acid rain.

This lake has a history of being fishless for more than a century. The state purchased Minnewaska in 1983 and initially had no plans to provide swimming facilities for visitors. However, public pressure led to the creation of a swimming area.

Can You Swim in Lake Awosting New York?

Lake Awosting New York
Photo Credit: Author Roman Fuchs

Until 1988, swimming in Lake Awosting was restricted to a roped-off area. But a group of advocates petitioned to allow swimming in the lake.

Eventually, a proposal to extend the swimming distance was approved by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. The group also won a half-hour extension to the closing time.

Today, you can swim throughout the lake and in the Peterskill area.

The area is home to crystal-clear water and is perfect for swimming. It’s also a popular place for hiking and fishing. Several campsites are available in the area.

It’s also home to the Peekamoose Blue Hole, a turquoise-blue hole carved into Rondout Creek.

The Caribbean-blue waters here contrast with the chilly Canadian waters.

The state park preserve has an impressive range of natural beauty.

A 24,000-acre wilderness boasts five sky lakes fed by rain.

The lakes have a cliff-rimmed edge and are surrounded by dense forests. Swimming is allowed only during the summer months.

The lake is accessible via bike.

The carriage road to the lake is flat, so it’s easy to cycle out and back. Just be sure to wear a helmet.

After cycling out to the lake, you can enjoy the view from a vista.

From there, you can continue for half a mile to reach the beach.

Beacon Falls

If you’re looking for a small waterfall near New York City, consider visiting Beacon Falls in Awosting. Located about 60 miles from the Big Apple, Beacon was once a major industrial town, but it has changed over the past few years into an artsy community with lots of things to see and do. ‘

If art is your thing, make sure to visit the DIA Beacon Museum, which has a great historic-meets-modern feel.

Beacon Falls is a 3.7-mile drive from the city of Beacon. The trail starts at a small bathroom structure near the road. This 0.6-mile hike follows an old carriage road.

It is a gravel trail, so a wheelchair may not be appropriate. Jogging strollers, however, should be able to navigate the trail.

Parking is limited, but it is well worth the trip.

Awosting Falls New York

Eagle Cliff Falls

To experience the beauty of the area, you can hike to Eagle Cliff Fall in Awosting Falls, New York. This waterfall, located in the Cayuga Lake region, cascades from 40 feet, cutting a curved, rectangular shaft in the rock walls.

You can also stay overnight near the falls and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. In addition to hiking, you can also camp in the area, which features many waterfalls.

The Havana Glen Natural Area is located just outside of Ithaca, New York. Here you’ll find several hiking trails, a nice playground, and sports fields.

The highlight of the park is Eagle Cliff Falls, a 40-foot waterfall that cascades between towering rock walls. The falls look man-made, but they are entirely natural.

The trail is short and easy, taking about five minutes to reach the base.

Vernooy Falls

Awosting Fall is located in the Sundown Wild Forest-Catskill Forest Preserve in upstate New York.

Vernooy Falls in Awosting New York

The waterfall sits just upstream of a bridge and is the remnant of an old mill built by Cornelius Vernooy in the 18th century. You can hike the path to the waterfall and explore the ruins of the mill.

There are some great swimming holes along the trail.

The waterfall is accessible from the park’s entrance, which is only a quarter mile away. Near the waterfall is Peter’s Kill, which plunges 60 feet over a cliff.

If you want to spend more time at Vernooy Kill Falls, you can also go hiking on the nearby Lower Platte Clove.

The waterfalls are located in the midst of the pristine nature of the Mohonk Preserve, so you’ll want to bring your camera!

Wrapping Up

The Awosting Falls are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. The falls are located on the Mohawk River and are a beautiful sight to see.

It’s the perfect spot for a nature lover or anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

With its cascading waterfalls, quiet hiking trails, and stunning views, it’s no wonder this spot is one of the most popular in New York State.

The falls are also a great place to hike and explore. There are many trails that lead to the falls and you can even take a boat ride to get there.

So whether you’re looking for a day trip or a weekend getaway, be sure to add Awosting Falls to your list.

The Awosting Falls are a great place to visit and you will not be disappointed.