About Us

It’s hard to deny the thrill of New York City and the fact that anything could happen at any moment. While out walking my dog, I was suddenly greeted by a celebrity. I have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with movie stars, attend the Tony Awards and get tickets to some of Manhattan’s most prestigious events.

In a New York minute, an ordinary day can become an extraordinary experience!

There is so much to see and do in New York City, it’s impossible for one visit to ever satisfy you. But don’t worry!

New York Fabulous is here to make your time in New York every day an unforgettable experience!

Visiting New York is an unforgettable experience for anyone with a love of art, fashion, and food.

From the world-famous theater scene to some of America’s best fine dining options, this city has it all! And when you’re not exploring its endless possibilities as seen through different cultures’ eyes or trying on new outfits at your favorite boutique store (or two!), there are always events happening that make staying busy easy : )

It’s a unique experience and opens your mind up to new ideas, cultures, and perspectives.

Coming to New York is an experience like no other. From the hustle and bustles of city life, you can find something that will appeal specifically to your interests or tastes in just about any tourist attraction there are hundreds! To make sure this becomes one trip that won’t soon be forgotten

No matter if you’re visiting New York alone or with your family, there is always something to do here. You can visit hundreds of tourist attractions in New York!